Past Life And Transformation Workshop

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Typology Seminar
Location Mathura
Duration 4 Days
  • Seminar
  • Mathura
  • Duration:
    4 Days


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616, Dampier Nagar, Next To Kissan Bhawan, 281001, Uttar Pradesh, India
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Starts On request
616, Dampier Nagar, Next To Kissan Bhawan, 281001, Uttar Pradesh, India
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Course programme

PAST LIFE AND TRANSFORMATION WORKSHOPCOSMIC RHYTHM'the space for Love, Light & Wisdom'- Gives you an opportunity to become aware.- Awaken your inner potential.- Empower yourself. - Get the visions for 2012 and prepare for it.Facilitated by AKHILESHFINISH THE SOUL’S UNFINISHED BUSINESSDiscover how the knowledge of past lives can open a new vision of what you really desire in life.We all are carrying our past either from this life time or previous one. Our unconscious mind stores each and every happening around us, at every moment and we are unaware of it. With time they become memories and these memories leave strong impression on our mind which we carry forward , sometimes they are so strong that it affects an individuals whole life. But once you re-experience the memories from the past, they get dissolved.UNMASK YOUR PAST AND FREE YOUR FUTURE.Some of the Issues* Relationship* Job dissatisfaction* Ailments and Chronic diseases * Typical/critical behaviour* Financial Crisis* Fears and Phobias* Childhood Traumas* Addictions* Sexual Issues* Future insecurities* Seeking the purpose of life.* Strong feelings of guilt, sadness, hatred, anger etc ………………..and many more.These issues might be connected to our past.The Past Life and Transformation Workshop has been created to deal with such problems. The key to experiencing maximum benefit from the workshop lies in being able to participate fully.ATTENDCONNECT& EXPRESS Once in a while…Something comes along…That marks a moment we remember…As having forever changed Our life…….. A door opens….We walk through…And when we turn and look back for that same opening…It no longer exist…We become different. THE WORKSHOP AT A GLANCEØ It begins with working on physical stress and blockages, then on mental/emotional level and henceforth reveals the deeper levels of SELFØ In the workshop some powerful proven methods are used to go deep into the mind & release the memories that may be affecting your health, buried in our unconscious.Ø One of the techniques takes you through all the sweet and bitter experiences faced at various stages of life, which drains all your stored emotions.Ø The workshop gives you the opportunity to dissolve your bonds/karmas with the group/a particular person which you are carrying forward from many life times.Ø With the help of regression techniques you go back from your present to your childhood, then reach to mother’s womb & travel to your previous life/lives or even you might have life between life experiences.Ø Your choice of parents and other relationships.Ø Past death experiences.Ø Special and powerful techniques to release the emotions which are very dominant in life like ANGER , FEAR , GUILT and SADNESS.Ø Projections into your healthier, happier and more achieving future.Ø It gives you the space to express and share all your unexpressed feelings. Release your wild and sexy side with love and divinity.Ø It includes some exercises building your trust in others, taking responsibility, enhancing awareness, expressing the feeling of love & gratitude etc.Ø All the participants take active participation in each & every exercise and remain fully awake throughout and the happenings are rememberable.Ø There are parts of workshop where you experience ‘Ecstatic Dance’, we celebrate together, where we work and break new grounds. You shall experience yourself in the mystical state of union. Sometimes sharing in a group uplifts or awakens the other person.OUTCOME OF THE WORKSHOPPeace of mind. Grooming overall personalityDeep relaxation of mind and body. Getting purpose of your life.Acceptance of self, life and others.Better understanding in relationships.Enables to live a meaningful life.Releasing all the self made cob webs around us.Enriching the quality to say ‘YES’ to life and others Supports in self development and spiritual upliftment.Reaching and getting solutions for all the issues mentioned above.Develops the feeling of love, compassion, forgiveness, respect.IGNITE YOUR MOST POWERFUL DORMANT ENERGIESFOR HEALING AND RAVISHMENTABOUT THE FACILITATORAKHILESH, transformation leader and the co-creator of COSMIC RHYTHM has been conducting psycho-spiritual workshops for the past 14 years.He is inheriting the teachings of Late Mr. Karl Everding ( Germany ) ,Dr. Roger J. Woolger, USA (author of ‘Other lives other selves’),Dr. Brian Weiss, USA (author of ‘Many master many lives’ and ‘Messages from the masters’),Dr. Michael Newton, USA (author of ‘Journey of souls’ and ‘Destiny of souls’ ) combined with his own experience based on study, work and research on past life connected issues.His workshops are primarily based on introspection, combined with an unusual ability to create need based exercises according to the group requirements keeping in mind all the aspects. During the workshop he leads the whole group together as well as deals and interacts at individual level too. His work helps one to emerge from within to realise the true sense of self , life and others.About Cosmic RhythmCosmic Rhythm is the Spiritual Retreat Centre for transformation. With a commitment of Reiki energy, it incorporates holistic approach by conducting psycho spiritual workshops like Enlightenment Intensives, Past Life Regression Workshop, and various other spiritual meditation workshops catering to all walks of Life. For further details on fee and registration please feel free to contact us: Cosmic Rhythm10/2,Satya Sai Appt.,South Tukoganj,Indore(M.P.) – INDIA .

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