PG Diploma in Cheminformatics & Drug Designing

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Important information

Typology Post Graduate Diploma
Location Chennai
Class hours 360h
  • Post Graduate Diploma
  • Chennai
  • 360h


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Sterling Road, 600034, Tamil Nadu, India
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Starts On request
Sterling Road, 600034, Tamil Nadu, India
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Course programme


Review & Syllabus

The aim of the Dip. & P.G. Dip. course in Chem-informatic & Drug Design is to offer an rigorous & up to date teaching in the rising area of Chem informatics. The course provides a fundamental to standard stage of proficiency in Chem inoformatic & its procedure in the pharmaceutical company. Chem informatic is original rising area of Bio-informatic, which has known a new path to drug design. The drug design sector has widely use computation instruments to speed up the expansion of fresh & improve therapeutic.

Chem informatic examination instruments are increasing in complexity, & are earn increasing respect as intruments critical for the fast growth of fresh therapeutic. Chem-informatics methods assist the examination & understanding of the chemical info. Contain within these set of multifaceted & high dimension molecular data.

Profitable Practical Classes of V Life Component:

VLife is a foremost Chem informatic software development industry, which present a complete variety of product for computer aid particle invention. Offers vital result support, reduce lab work & resultantly contribute toward enhancing research efficiency & have use in numerous of the important association like I.I.T.& Pharma companies. VLife is an important organization, which has provided research resolution in chem. Informatic & bio informatics & has win accolades globally. Most of the product are cite in elevated impact journal & are also being use in foremost R.&D. & educational Association. This joint attempt will generate incredible development in the area of Chem-informatic & it will be certainly improve the employability of the Biology candidates.


With the exponential rising & extremely competitive drug & pharmaceutical market, chem. informatic experts thus have huge significance in the drug growth process as they execute I.T. techniques to restore customary process. The insist for such I.T. in chemical experts is also rising significantly. Chem informatics play a fundamental position in latest drug discovery courses & candidates with expert skill are bound to have a excellent job market in the years to come.

Benefits of VlifeUnits

** VLife Company Guidance certificate
** Hand on skill in Commercial Software
** Quality Training Material
** Real Time Research Surroundings

Syllabus of the program:

Intro to Bioinformatic & Chem informatic D.B.
Series arrangement & D.B. search
Protein Structure model PROMODEL
Intro. to Biochemistry Biomolecule PROVIZ
Categorization of carbohydrate, protein, vit. & lipid
Composition of DNA & RNA
Instruments & Algorithm of Computational Chem.
Kinds of theory & Quantum mechanic.
Molecular dynamic & simulation GROMACS
Chem. of Drugs includes in Org. Chem.
Chem. of Natural goods & Medicinal Chem.
Biophysical Chemistry of Drugs BIOPREDICTA
D.B. & demonstration of molecule CHEMDBS, VLIFEBASE
Drug discovery & expansion LEADGROW
Computer aided Drug design VLIFE ENGINE
Virtual Screening LEAD GROW, VLIFE D.O.C.K.
Q.S.A.R. M.O.L.S.I.G.N., 2D.Q.S.A.R., and 3D Q.S.A.R.

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