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Important information

Typology Post Graduate Diploma
Methodology Inhouse
Location Ahmedabad
Duration 2 Years
  • Post Graduate Diploma
  • Inhouse
  • Ahmedabad
  • Duration:
    2 Years


Where and when

Starts Location
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Indian Institute of Management Vastrapur, 380015, Gujarat, India
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Starts On request
Indian Institute of Management Vastrapur, 380015, Gujarat, India
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Course programme

PGPX is a full time residential programme for executives with substantial work experience leading to a One Year Post-Graduate Diploma in Management for Executives.
The design of PGPX is built on the Institute's well established experience of designing and running postgraduate management programmes for exceptionally bright students and a wide range of executive education programmes for practicing managers from many countries. It takes into account the substantial and varied experience the selected executives bring to the classroom.
The objective of the programme is to develop bright, enthusiastic and aspirational executives into management leaders and change agents in the global arena.
The programme has a general management focus, with emphasis on managing across borders and cultures. It has an international project (called International Immersion) besides teaching content drawn from many countries.
The programme is open to executives of all nationalities.


Programme Segments: PGPX has six segments:
(i) Induction
(ii) Building Blocks
(iii) Preparing for Top Management
(iv) International Immersion
(v) Electives
(vi) Capstone

Induction: This segment enables the student to
(i) get familiar with the infrastructure, services, co curricular and extra curricular
activities at IIMA.
(ii) tune into the programme content and IIMA system of learning.
(iii) understand the self while making the transition to the PGPX and the future.
This is spread over three and a half days.

Building Blocks: This segment crystallizes and enhances the basic conceptual and analytical
knowledge of the student for managerial effectiveness. This has nineteen courses,
offered by nine Areas, spread over 260 sessions. (1 session = 75 minutes)

Preparing for Top Management: This segment prepares the student for leadership and
change agent roles in a top management context. This has twelve courses, spread over 145

International Immersion: This segment provides international exposure to the student
with a view to
(i) working effectively in an environment different from their "home culture."
(ii) understanding macro-economic underpinnings, and strengths and weaknesses of the
host country from a business perspective.
This is equivalent to 90 sessions.

Electives: This segment helps the student to
(i) explore new and deeper areas of learning.
(ii) reflect on and leverage the past experience through a research project.
This is spread over 140 sessions.

Capstone: This segment provides an opportunity to the student to
(i) integrate the learnings from the programme.
(ii) reflect on their own experience as executives.
(iii) understand what it means to work in large multidisciplinary teams against tough
This is equivalent to 30 sessions.

Courses in the 'Building Blocks' Segment
(260 sessions) Courses in the 'Preparing for Top Management' Segment
(145 sessions)
Term I
Assessing and Creating Customer Value
Analysis of Data
Designing Operations to Meet Demand
Financial Reporting and Analysis
Firms and Markets
Management Communication
Modelling for Decisions
Organization Behaviour
Strategic Cost Management
Strategic Human Resource Management I

Term II
Corporate Finance
Competitive Strategy
Delivering and Managing Customer Value
Financial Markets
Management Communication
Open Economy Macroeconomics
Setting and Delivering Service Levels
Strategic Human Resource Management II

Term III
Strategies for Corporate Growth Term II
Role of a General Manager

Term III
International Business
International Economic and Political Environment
Leadership: Meshing Theory and Practice
Management Control Systems
Mergers and Acquisitions

Term V
Building and Managing Corporate Reputation
Corporate Governance
Leadership, Values and Ethics
Quality Management
Tracking Organization Performance
Courses in the 'Electives' Segment
(140 sessions)
Terms III and V
Electives depend on student interest and faculty supply. Our effort is to provide a wide range of electives, including marketing, finance, supply chain management, strategic management, sectoral areas like financial services, infrastructure etc. Electives are of 10, 15 or 20 sessions.

One aspect of the 140 session ‘electives' Segment is that all students are required to do an Individual Research Project, equivalent to 30 sessions. The individual project is executed by PGPX students, with a faculty guide. The course results in a written output, which is any of

(i) A case, with analysis
(ii) An industry note
(iii) A paper on " Bridging the Divide" (focusing on a socio economic divide affecting the world)
(iv) A business plan for an entrepreneur
Term IV
'International Immersion' Segment
(90 sessions)