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      Typology Course
      Location Navi mumbai
      Duration 3 Years
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      • Navi mumbai
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        3 Years

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      Navi Mumbai
      Sector 15, Plot no 50 , CBD Belapur, 400614, Maharashtra, India
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      Starts On request
      Navi Mumbai
      Sector 15, Plot no 50 , CBD Belapur, 400614, Maharashtra, India
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      Course programme

      Course Content
      Research: Meaning – Purpose- Types of research-significance of research in
      social and business sciences.
      Steps in Research: Identification, selection and formulation of research problem-
      Research questions-Research design- Formulation of hypothesis- Review of literature.
      Sampling Technique: Sampling theory-Types of sampling-Steps in sampling-
      Sampling and Non-sampling error-Sample size –Advantages and limitations of sampling.
      Data for Research: Primary data-Meaning-Collection methods-Observation –
      Interview-Questionnaire-Schedule-Pretest-Pilot study –Experimental and case studies-
      Secondary data- Meaning – Relevance, limitations and cautions.
      Processing Data: Checking- Editing-Coding- transcriptions and Tabulation- Data
      analysis- Meaning and methods- Quantitative and Qualitative analysis.
      Structuring the Report: Chapter format- Pagination- Identification- Using
      quotations- Presenting footnotes – abbreviations- Presentation of tables and figures-
      Referencing- Documentation-Use and format of appendices- Indexing.
      Research Report: Types of reports-Contents-Styles of reporting- Steps in drafting
      reports-Editing the final draft-Evaluating the final draft.

      UNIT I
      Statistics in Research: Specific applications of measures of Central tendency,
      Dispersion, Skewness and Kurtosis in research.
      UNIT II
      Measures of Relationship: Correlation – Simple, Partial and multiple- Regression- Simple
      and multiple-Association of Attributes – applications in research.
      UNIT III
      Hypothesis Testing and estimation: Fundamentals of hypothesis testing-Standard errorpoint
      and interval estimates-Important non-parametric tests: Sign, Run Kruskal-Wallis
      tests and Mann – Whitney test.
      UNIT IV
      Parametric Tests: Testing of significance mean, proportion, variance and correlation-
      Testing for significance of difference between means, proportions, variances and
      correlation coefficients.
      UNIT V
      ANOVA and Chi-Square Tests: One-way and two-way ANOVA – Latin Square tests for
      association and goodness of fit.
      UNIT VI
      Measurement in Research: Measurement scales – Tests of good measurementconstruction
      of Likert and Semantic Differential scales-Source of errors in measurement-
      Scale validation.

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