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Bangalore (Karnataka)
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# 91/2, Dr.A N Krishna Rao Rd, 560004

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Course programme

Ph.D. - Hindi

Postgraduate research is of utmost importance. Not only do postgraduate researchers contribute to society through innovative discoveries of new techniques and understandings, but postgraduates are also more employable as a result.

Employers always look for the extra mile, and a research qualification stands you streets ahead of other applicants.

This is a full-time research programme in which scholars are trained to present their research findings. In preparation, they will complete prescribed Programmes purposed at giving them a thorough understanding of the subject and its applications. The ability to think systematically and application of scientific methods and techniques will give them the knowledge and skills to work independently during their PhD thesis.

Terms & Programme Content

Term 1:
The duration of Term One will be 8 months and comprises:
• Research Methodology
• Core Paper
• Specialization Paper I
• Specialization Paper II

Term 2:
Term Two will be for duration of 4 months, during which the candidates must complete the Literature Review and Synopsis.

Holding a recognised Ph.D. degree can aid access to greater employment opportunities as potential employers will be familiar with your academic qualification. Career options include, for example, within academia (University lecturer), industry (development researcher) and the public sector (consultant).

Ph.D. - Hindi

Price on request