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  • I am still looking for PhD in yogascience. Please do help me in this regard.



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phd in yoga online course available?

Shraddha P., More than two years


Reply from Centre advisor (More than two years)


I'm a master's degree holder in physiotherapy from mahatma Gandhi university Kerala. Can I get admission to MPhil or PhD in yoga on distance education

Emagister user, More than two years


Reply from Arunima R. (More than two years)

I'm a master's degree holder in MPA in Indira Gandhi open university. Can I get admission to Phil or PhD in yoga on distance education

Reply from Shivaprakash N. (More than two years)

UGC has stopped PhD program on distance education for all streams from last year.. so no Indian universities will now offer PhD thru correspondence.

Reply from Stephanie K. (More than two years)

I have no idea. I've had a similar question, but could not get an answer. I've been trying to get in touch with someone for over a year and, frankly, just gave up. If you learn of anything, would you mind passing it along?

Reply from Himmat S. (More than two years)

Yes , you can get admission for PhD . Uttrakhand Open University provide Correspondence course for PhD. Thnks

Reply from Saritanjali N. (More than two years)

Yoga is a subject based on practical and scientifically proved too. 99% need practical experience on human body , mind, psychology, emotion, thoughts so distance education in yoga is fruitful untill you have good practical experience and exposure


  • I am still looking for PhD in yogascience. Please do help me in this regard.

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Hetal Jariwala

About the course: I am still looking for PhD in yogascience. Please do help me in this regard.
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The syllabus of the Parishad is similar to those of the various Indian Universities. Study materials are specially prepared as per the traditional Universities of the country as well as Parishad?s own Experts Committee and edited by the subject specialist concerned. The audio-visual cassettes provided to the students are prepared under the guidance and supervision of syllabus writers and University Faculty members and producers. Before these materials are made available to the students they are invariably got scrutinized by experts from outside and if necessary they are edited and modified.
By adopting Open & Distance Education System, Bhartiya Shiksha Parishad took a leading step towards democratism of higher education. This novel lead will cater to the needs of those students who are interested in higher education but are unable to join colleges and universities for lack of resources and time. This also imparts education to down trodden & backwards at concessional fee.

Ph.D. in Yoga

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