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Back to 1937 - an exciting time in history. For Bombay, it was a time of great political turmoil. The movement to gain independence was growing. It was also a time when pioneers and fine artists were experimenting with new ideas, seeking new directions and breaking new ground.

In this creatively charged atmosphere, three friends united by their common love for photography got together and decided to start a small Club. It was decided that this Club would be dedicated to the quest of developing and promoting the medium of photography as an art form. And that was the genesis of The Photographic Society of India.

Today, after almost 70 years of existence, the basic goals of the Society have remained unchanged. In fact, the generous contributions in terms of time, money, effort, and most importantly, ideas and knowledge from a long line-up of giants of Indian Photography have kept this quest alive, well and flourishing. Over the years, thousands of amateur photographers have found a platform to learn, experiment, create, teach, share, compete or simply show off their photographic mettle at The Society ... fondly known as The PSI.

The Managing Committee of the PSI has taken great pains to keep alive the tradition of sharing of knowledge and ideas. In fact, one of the best opportunities for budding photographers at PSI is the invaluable guidance and mentoring that they continually receive from senior members.

One of the most telling outcomes of all these activities is the continued success of PSI members at every major Indian as well as international competitions and salons - participation in which, by the way, is actively encouraged and coordinated by the PSI.

Advantages of studying here

Members of The Photographic Society of India can avail facilities mentioned below.

-Library : Library facility is available to all the members of the Society on payment of refundable deposit. One book and one magazine will be issued for a period of 14 days.

-Photo Art Gallery : The facility is available for members who wants to put up an exhibition at the gallery.

-Studio : A well equipped studio is available for members who want to shoot indoors.

-Dark Room : The Photographic Society of India is the only society which still has its own darkroom where students or members can use to develop B & W and Color Images.


* Friday Programmes
* Outings
* Competitions
* Workshops
* Demonstration: Model Evening, Table Tops, Still Life.
* Studio & Dark Room On Hire.
* Monthly Competitions (Members & Beginner) with attractive Prizes
* Participation in Members & All India Exhibitions encouraged.


The Photographic Society of India was founded in the year 1937 by a handful of very enthusiastic artists in the field of photography who were not only from metropolis of Mumbai but from India at large. They also duly constituted this wonderful organization. The Photographic Society of India largely known as PSI.

Indeed The PSI can claim and be proud of to be the largest, the most active and the best organized Photographic Society in India and abroad. PSI, unlike any other Photographic Society in India and perhaps even elsewhere in the world, continues to hold interesting, instructive and entertaining weekly programmes every Friday, month in and month out.

At PSI every member wholeheartedly welcomes and guides the new incoming members. Senior and experienced members instill confidence and enthuse the new members by taking interest in their work. PSI is perhaps the only Photographic Society having its own spacious premises with facilities like Photo Art Gallery , Library, Studio, Darkroom, Educational Course etc.

PSI holds, conducts and takes part in National and International Exhibitions and also its members Exhibition. The numerous Awards which adorn the Society's showcases speak volumes of our members' achievements. The Photographic Society of India has been serving the good cause of photography since its inception in 1937 and thus becoming one of the oldest Photographic Society in our country. Some of the country's best photographers have had their roots in PSI.

The Photographic Society of India