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Typology Workshop
Level Advanced
Location Pune
Class hours 100h
Duration 2 Months
Start Different dates available
  • Workshop
  • Advanced
  • Pune
  • 100h
  • Duration:
    2 Months
  • Start:
    Different dates available

Php, the well known open source server part scripting language has advanced such a route, to the point that it broadly is accessible in a web. Technnovation Labs one of the best php honing organization have noteworthy capacities in furnishing the prerequisite of time i.e. Php training.
The most effective web provisions which we use on web are the pleasures of php. php plus mysql makes an amazing combo which has a great impact on the globe of data driven websites. The vast majority of the web development associations to a great degree pick the synthesis of php and Mysql for advancing an amazing web program.Thus, the focusing on the determinations & taking a gander at the business sector centrality we have chalked out the most impressive php course.
After finishing this impressive course of php, you'll fit to style, make,debug & run a complete web program.


Where and when

Starts Location
Different dates available
4th Floor, Nandlal Hsg Society, 418 Narayan peth, Above Bedekar misal, Munjobacha Bol, Shagun Chowk,Pune, 411030, Maharashtra, India
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Starts Different dates available
4th Floor, Nandlal Hsg Society, 418 Narayan peth, Above Bedekar misal, Munjobacha Bol, Shagun Chowk,Pune, 411030, Maharashtra, India
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What you'll learn on the course

Basic IT
Web Programming

Teachers and trainers (1)

Php faculty

Course programme

PHP Introduction
  • Introduction PHP and MySQL
  • Benifits of using PHP MySQL
  • Setup of PHP Environment
  • Testing the Page
  • Troubleshooting Installation Errors
PHP Programming Concepts
  • Write your First PHP Program
  • Embed PHP in HTML / HTML in PHP
  • PHP Data Types
  • Variables in PHP
  • SuperGlobal Variables
  • Operators in PHP
  • Conditional Statements
  • Loops (For, While, Do While, Foreach)
PHP Functions
  • Using Functions in PHP
  • Userdefined Functions
  • Predefined Functions
  • Common Functions
  • String Functions
  • File Functions
  • Date Functions
  • Hash Functions
  • Mail Function
MySQL Database Training
  • What is Database ?
  • Understanding an RDBMS
  • Understanding Tables, Records, and Fields
  • SQL Language
  • Using the MySQL Command-Line Client
Working with MySQL Admin
  • Working with PHP MyAdmin
  • Creating Databases
  • Types of Databases
  • Creating Tables in Database
  • Specifying Field Data Types
  • Selecting the Most Appropriate Data Type
  • Adding Field Modifiers and Keys
  • Selecting a Table Type Altering Tables
  • Altering Table and Field Names
  • Altering Field Properties
  • Adding and Removing Fields and Keys
  • Altering Table Types
  • Backing Up and Restoring Databases and Tables
  • Backing Up Databases and Tables
  • Restoring Databases and Tables from Backup
  • Dropping Databases and Tables
  • Viewing Database, Table, and Field Information
SQL Queries
  • Inserting Records
  • Editing and Deleting Records
  • Performing Queries
  • Retrieving Specific Columns
  • Filtering Records with a WHERE Clause
  • Using Operators
  • Sorting Records and Eliminating Duplicates
  • Limiting Results
  • Using Built-In Functions
  • Grouping Records
  • Joining Tables
  • Using Subqueries
  • Using Table and Column Aliases
Arrays and Array Functions
  • Why use Arrays
  • Types of Arrays
  • Creating Arrays
  • Accessing Arrays
  • Array Functions
  • Using Array Functions

Additional information

What will be your job profile after successful completion of this course The key to a successful PHP developer lies in successful completion of the PHP course. With this trend not losing its novelty at all and gaining an increased popularity over time, the need for expert developers is also never ending. And the best thing is that web development companies acquire outgoing candidates at a salary you can demand for. Tasks you will be able to perform Database connectivity PHP programming Dynamic web page creation JavaScript programming Ajax effects

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