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V4ES is a technology driven state of the art training institute of excellence in the field of Piping. The technological world today presents tremendous challenges to engineers, Consultants, Designer, and technicians in keeping up to date and taking advantage of the latest developments in the key technology areas and the ideal after attending any of the V4ES professional Courses/workshops is that you should have the skills to go back to your plant or office and apply the skills you have learnt almost immediately.
Suitable for: V4ES is imparting training to Engineers through industry expertise and quality professional programs for Mechanical, Industrial Production, Industrial Engineering Management & Chemical Engineers in the field of Piping/Plant Engineering for the growing multi-trillion dollar Process Industry especially in the upstream oil & gas offshore platform, Refinery & petrochemical industry.


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11/1, 1st Floor, BSR Arcade, Dattatreya Temple Street, Palace Guttahalli Main Road, 8th Cross, Malle, 560003, Karnataka, India
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Starts On request
11/1, 1st Floor, BSR Arcade, Dattatreya Temple Street, Palace Guttahalli Main Road, 8th Cross, Malle, 560003, Karnataka, India
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Frequent Asked Questions

· Requirements

Training Methodology Training will be delivered through faculties and demonstration with emphasis on practical examples and case studies. The course is planned in such a way that it offers a perfect blend of theory, practicals & project. During the project complete exposure is given to the industry practice, standards & professional requirement. This ensures that the participant delivers the results with best efficiency in the organization. Syllabus covered as per the global standards as well as latest working requirements of various engineering companies.

Course programme

The Course is divided in 5 Modules.Module -1: Basic Piping Design & LayoutProject phase & development concepts· Hydrocarbon sector project· Project location on global· Phases of project / asset lifecycle· Greenfield development· Brownfield optimization· Procurement services· Inspection services· Project productsPiping Engineering Scope· Design engineering· Field engineering3ASME Codes & Standards• Introduction to ASME Pressure Piping Design Codes.• ASME Standards for Common Piping Elements.• API Codes• Other Codes & StandardsFlow Diagrams• Process Flow Diagram – PFD• Piping & Instrumentation Diagram – P & ID.· Line Numbering· P& ID Requirements· Print Reading Exercise· Line Number· Flow Diagram Exercises.· Symbols & Abbreviations.• Instrument Types & Symbols – Flow, Temp, and Pressure & Level.• Utility Flow Diagram – UFDPiping Fundamentals· Introduction to Process Plants· Scope of Piping in Projects.· Plant Piping Systems and Transportation Pipelines.· Definition & Application of Pipe· Pipe Designators – NPS , IPS , NB, Pipe Wall Thickness & Schedule, Pipe· Weights, Lengths, Grades, Ends, Joining Methods,· Methods of Manufacture, Pipe Ratings, Pipe Symbols.Pipe Fittings• ASME Standards, Selection, Application, Drawing Symbols & Dimensioning.• Types of Fittings – Butt Weld, Screwed & Socket Weld.• Elbow – 90 degree (LR & SR), 45 degree, Reducing Ell. ,• Pipe Bends – Miter Bends, 180 degree Return.• Branch Connections – Weld Straight & Reducing Tee, Cross & Lateral.• Fabricated Branch Connections – Stub In & Stub On, Welding Minimums for Stub In,• Branch Reinforcements – Reinforcing Pad, Welding Saddle & Olets.• Olet Fittings – Weldolets, Sockolets, Threadolets, Latrolets, Elbolets & Sweepolets.• Reducers – Concentric & Eccentric, Reducer Offsets.4• Types of Couplings, Weld Cap.• Fitting Makeup – Dimensioning, Minimum Pipe Length Requirements, Placement of Dimensions.• Screwed & Socket Weld Fittings – Union, Plug, Coupling, Types of Swages.• Dimensioning ExercisesPipe Flanges• ASME Standards, Symbols, Selection & Application.• Definition of Flange.• Types of Flanges based on Face and Application, P-T. Ratings.• Forged Steel and Cast Iron Flanges.• Flange Facings – Flat Face, Raised Face, RTJ, & Male - Female, Tongue & Groove. Flange FaceFinish.• Weld Neck, Slip On, Threaded, Socket Weld, Lap-Joint, Reducing, Blind & Orifice Flanges.• Gaskets – Types, Thickness, Bolts & Nuts.• Dimensioning Exercises.Valves• ASME/API Standards, Symbols, Selection & Application• Valve Functions, Locations & End Connections.• Valve Types – Gate, Globe, Ball, Check, Butterfly, Angle, PRV/PSV, & Plug etc.• Control Valve Manifold. – Layout Representation & Requirements.• Valve Operators.• Valve Layout Considerations.• Valve Data Sheets• Valve Selection• Dimensioning Exercises.Piping Special Elements• Strainers• Bellows/Expansion Joints• Rupture Disc• Spray Nozzles• Steam Traps• Flame Arrestor• Hose• Pig detector• Barred tee/scapper tee• Hinged closure• Corrosion/biological /scale coupons• 5D bends5Process Mechanical Equipments• API Standards, Symbols, & Application.• Static – Horizontal Vessels, Pig Launcher & Receiver, Separators, Heat Exchanger & Reboiler.• Rotary – Pumps, Compressor, Fans, & Gas Turbines., Emergency Diesel generators, IACompressor,• Fire Water pumps, Injection Pumps• Material handling EquipmentPlot Plan, Equipment Layout, & Piping GA Drawings.· Plot Plan Development & Requirements.· Equipment Layout Terminology, Control Point & Battery Limits.· Preparation of Equipment Layout.· Piping GA Drawing Requirements and Layout Procedure.· Pump GA Drawing and Layout Consideration.· Tank & Vessel Layout Consideration.· GA - Print Reading Exercise.Piping Isometrics· Definition· Drawing Piping Isometrics· Isometric Dimensions, Notes & Callouts.· Isometric Offsets.· Print Reading Exercises.· Exercises on Creation of Isometrics form Piping Plans and Sections.Piping Systems Design· Pressure Design of Process Piping Systems – ASME B 31.3· Scope of ASME B31.4 & B 31.8 and Pipeline Wall thickness Calculations· ASME B 31.3 Fluid Service Categories· Design Pressure & Design Temperature for Piping Systems.· P-T Ratings of Flanges, Butt-weld Fittings & Socket Weld Fittings· Pressure Design of Straight Pipe under Internal Pressure. – Wall thickness Calculations· Branch Reinforcements – Reinforcement Pad Calculations· Pressure Design of Miter Bends – Single & Multiple Miters.· Pressure Design of Blanks.· Piping Material Selection per ASME Code.6· Severe Cyclic Conditions. Module -2: Material Selection· Material Fundamentals· Corrosion Aspects· Classification of Piping Material· Ferrous & Non Ferrous Material· Non Metallic such as PVC, GRE, FRP· Alloy material in piping· Piping Material Specifications Module-3: Stress analysis & Support DesignPipe Stress Analysis· Objectives & Definition of Stress Analysis· Critical Line List· Information Required for Stress Analysis· Piping Loads – Static & Dynamic· Static & Dynamic Analysis· Forces, Moment & Stress Calculations.· Requirements of ASME B 31.3 Code – Sustained Loads, ThermalExpansion & Occasional Loads.· Classification of Loads· Solutions for Piping Loads.Pipe Span Calculations· Span limitations based on Stress, Deflection & Natural Frequency.· Allowable Pipe Span Calculations· Suggested Pipe Support Spacing· Pipe Span Reduction Factor for Elbows, Concentrated Loads etc.· Selection of Supports.· Location of Supports and Restraints.Flexibility Analysis – Expansion Loops & Expansion Joints· Concept of Thermal Expansion.· Providing Flexibility in Piping· Minimum Leg Required to Absorb Thermal Expansion· Types of Expansion Loops· Expansion Loop Sizing for Hot Piping· Expansion Joints – Types, Application & Selection.· Bellow Materials, Hydrostatic Test Pressure for Bellows7· Guide Spacing for Expansion Joints.· Layout Solutions for Weight, Thermal, Vibration & Wind Loads.· Causes of Pipe Stress· Layout Solution for Weight Stress – Continuously Supported &· Branch Pipe Allowable Spans· Solving Concentrated Loads and Reducing Loads on Equipment Nozzles.· Equipment Nozzle Load Qualifications.· Layout Solutions for Thermal Load using force & Stress· Checking Piping Layout in Pipe Racks.· Checking Piping Layout for Reciprocating Equipment· Checking Piping Layout for Wind Load.Flexibility Analysis using ASME B 31.3 Code Equations· Thermal Expansion Stress - Se and Code Allowable Thermal Displacement· Stress Range Sa.· Stress Range Reduction Factors - f· Bending & Torsional Stress· Formal Analysis Requirements· In plane & Out plane Bending Moments· Stress Intensification Factors – SIF· Calculation of Thermal Expansion Stress.· Cold Spring.· Sustained Loads - Internal Pressure & Longitudinal stresses· Theories of Failure· Stresses acting in Pipe due to internal Pressure· Sustained Loads QualificationOccasional Load Stresses· Wind Load· Seismic Load· Pressure Relief LoadDynamic AnalysisCAESAR – II – Pipe Stress Analysis Software· Introduction· Nozzle Thermal Growth Calculations – pumps, vessels, heat exchangers.· Piping Input Spreadsheet.· Modeling of Piping Isometrics – Bends, Reducers, Valves, Loops etc.· Performing Static Analysis.· Modifying Load Cases.· Hanger Selection.· Set up of Wind Load Cases.· Set up of SUS, OPE, EXP, HYD, HGR, & OCC loads.· Load Case Editor8· Viewing Reports· Evaluating API 610 Pump Nozzle Loads· Practical Examples – Input, Analysis & Redesign.Pipe Supports· Classification of Supports· Primary & Secondary· Anchors· Pipe Guides· Limit Stops· Pipe Shoe· Dummy Leg / Trunion· Field Support / Base Support· Rigid Hangers – Rod & Clevis, Trapeze.· Flexible Hangers – Variable & Constant.· Pipe Rack Design – Types, Height & Width Calculations, Pipe Arrangements· Control Station & Utility Station on Pipe Racks Module-4: 2D/3D modeling Concepts & Practical · Plot plan development· Equipment layout· Piping GA Drawing· 3D Review Procedure· Generation of Isometrics· MTO extraction· Support modelingModule-5 Field Engineering for Fabrication, Erection & Commissioning· Material Identification· Fabrication Procedure / drawings—Spool drawing, welding etc· Erection Procedure· Hydro testing Procedure· Painting Procedure· Color Coding· Erection Clash Resolution· Commissioning

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