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PIXEL WORLD, gives platform were candidates learn how to infuse life in new media through Animation /Multimedia/ Web Design/ A/V Post Production/Compositing/ /special effects/Broadcasting.

A renowned multimedia training center having a strong network with multimedia companies both domestic & MNC , we offer training in a manner, set up by industry experts.

pixel world & its faculty having more than a decade of experience and up to date knowledge with proven industry records, takes you towards the height of your career.

To keep pace with the growing needs, Its demand stems from the fact that apart from a comprehensive curriculum and training.

What makes pixel world unique: When you’re going to institute for training in design, media or technology, it makes sense you should receive training as if you were already on the job. A state of the art design studio in the heart of the capital city of India is at your disposal for production activity. You have a chance to work in the studio on live projects. At our center, you can use real-world tools for real-world applications. Depending on the program you choose.

Students at pixel world are provided with latest software training and also are provided with FREE UPGRADE TRAINING LIFE TIME. Every student of pixel world not only gets a updated software training during his/her training period, but also through out the life time even after several years they are allowed to get a free update of the same software's. A well