Post Graduate Diploma in Corporate Communication

Post Graduate Diploma

In Ahmedabad

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    Post Graduate Diploma

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    2 Years



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Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
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Course programme

Post Graduate Diploma in Corporate Communication

National Institute of Mass Communication and Journalism (NIMCJ) is set up by Vishwa Samwad Education Foundation (a trust registered under The Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950) to serve the nation by nurturing young generations through advanced journalistic fervor. NIMCJ is recognized by Gujarat University.

The mission of National Institute of Mass Communication and Journalism (NIMCJ) is to educate students in a broad range of skills and concepts involving the gathering, editing and presentation of information, and prepare them for a career in journalism. While there is a strong emphasis on the craft of journalism, the curriculum is designed to help students draw on and supplement their basic education so they are better equipped to handle intelligently the fundamental issues of the day. They will be exposed to the principles and ethics linked to the profession, to enable them to hone their journalistic skills. The hope is that NIMCJ students will not only be competent practitioners by today's standards, but also that they will help raise those standards.

NIMCJ is committed to harness the power of communication in promoting the common good. It will accomplish this through advanced learning, research, and innovation, primarily among journalism, communication and knowledge management professionals in Asia, for empowered and responsible leadership in the industry and society. It aims to provide contemporary relevant quality media education.

We believe in the potential of the media as a tool for integral development. This remains the guiding factor in our striving for professional excellence. We believe that mastering one's craft is only one aspect of media training. It is as important to recognize how issues such as those of culture, class, race; gender and ideology influence the creation and the `reading' of any media text.

We provide a professional media education which emphasizes the values relevant to our own unique cultural context. In brief: a pedagogy which is flexible, innovative, experiential, and encourages professional responsibility; in which the personal bond between teacher and student is respected and nourished; which is sensitive to socio-development needs; and responsive to secular values and human rights. We believe that in a shrinking, more interdependent world the NIMCJ should provide a special space and place for young graduates not only to discover the media world, but also to discern how to bond with our worldwide human family through communication. We believe that at NIMCJ we can transform students, slowly but surely, into "people who truly know how to live and contribute to our global human community".

Post Graduate Diploma in Corporate Communication

Price on request