Post Graduate Diploma in Payroll and Business Management

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Important information

Typology Post Graduate Diploma
Methodology Online
Duration 1 Year
  • Post Graduate Diploma
  • Online
  • Duration:
    1 Year

This qualification will significantly enhance opportunities to gain employment as well as improving promotion opportunities both with National and International Employers within India. You may have graduated in a particular field, but this Professional Qualification will allow you career opportunities in potentially any industry as a successful and efficient Payroll, Business Manager is always sought after within the world of industry and commerce.
Suitable for: This Professional Qualification is a must for current practitioners within Payroll, HR and Accountants divisions

Course programme

We are proud to launch this exclusive qualification in India. This internationally recognised qualification will not only provide students who complete it with professional recognition and expertise within India but also a gateway to the UK Professional Body.

This qualification is unique in that it is recognised by the UK Governing Body for Payroll (the IPP), and on successful completion of this qualification you will also be honoured with Membership to the UK Governing Body as a “Full International Member”

The benefits do not stop there, MIT is also proud to be associated with the soon to be established “National Academy of Indian Payroll- NAIP”. This is an internationally recognised Membership/ Governing Body of Indian Payroll and will rank alongside CIMA, ATT etc.

The biggest expense to any business/ organisation is the payment of staff salaries and equally as important is the effective and efficient running of the organisation. These key areas ranging through payment of salaries, resolution of HR issues, effective management techniques, team leading as well as keeping up to date and implementing the latest legislation are all of prime important to the organisation are all included in the qualification.

This National and Internationally accredited qualification will allow you to learn, and impart the key skills and knowledge attained from this Post Graduate Qualification within your organisations.

The Post Graduate Diploma in Payroll Management covers a period of 12 months and is designed into two semesters.

There will be two parts for each semester namely Parts A and B and each will take you three months to complete.

Semester I and II has been designed to give you the theory around payroll practices and procedures. During your study you will be required to carry out some practical work to undertake which will include looking at a number of different employment sectors by using case studies. This will require you to use payroll calculations; produce employee payslips and complete government forms etc.

The Semesters are broken down into the following booklets:-

Semester I - Part A
Payroll Foundation: The technical basis of payroll
The Payroll Environment
Fundamentals of Payroll Processing
Key Principles of Payments & Deductions
Taxation & Employees Provident Fund

Employee State Insurance
Semester I - Part B
Payments & Reporting: focusing the business eye on payroll
Payments Required by Law
Payments to Employees, Third Parties and Financial Accounting
Employee Reports
Statutory Reports
Operational Reports

Semester II - Part A
Advanced Payroll Administration: the technical aspects of payroll
Report Writing
Employment LawSpecial Termination Payments
Share Options, Salary Sacrifice, Flexible Benefits
Managing Advanced Tax and Social Security Issues

Semester II - Part B
Controlling Payroll Processing: keeping the business tight and payroll legal
Regular Payroll Processing
Managing Year End
Budget Controls
Performance Management

The Assessment Structure of the PGDPM:
i) On completion of each booklet:
a) You will have the opportunity of completing a number of self assessment questions where you can check your progress.
b) You will also need to take an assignment in the form of multiple-choice questions.

ii) On completion of each of the Parts A & B (in both Semester 1 & 2):
a) You will need to complete an on-line exam in the form of multiple choice questions.

iii) On completion of Semester 1 & 2:
a) You will be set a payroll project to complete.

Preparation :
These booklets places the payroll function in its commercial setting by recognising the roles and responsibilities that the payroll function has to its business partners - the Human Resource function, The Finance Function and crucially to the IT Department. Payroll is essentially an enabling function, cutting across most aspects of the business to enable the smooth running and management of what is to most businesses the largest expenditure - people.

The interplay between these major functions has to be smooth and complimentary if the business is to move forward and grow whilst achieving targets and goals in accordance with an established business plan. The payroll function's role is pivotal in this area, requiring tact, people skills and sound organizational ability.

A vital component to sound payroll management is the understanding of accurate and timely processes. To this end the payroll technician must be able to devise payroll calendars and support them with timetables which identify key dates which will need monitoring throughout the various pay frequencies.

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