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Prashantha C N


Scientific Bio-Minds is providing Bioinformatics training, we offer various training programs based on Online, onside and direct classroom training programs.

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...programming languages such as Java, Python, R, C++, and SQL. Acquire knowledge in a focused topic area, such as bioinformatic algorithms, genomics... Learn about: Molecular Biology, Chemistry Science, Agriculture biotechnology... More

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Prashantha C N Director
Prashantha C N Director
Course Director

Mr. C. N. Prashantha is a Founder, CEO & Managing Director in Scientific Bio-Minds, Bangalore, India. He is the mastermind in Molecular Genetics and Bioinformatics, he has been undertaking many projects on Cancer Biology, Stroke Biology, Systems Biology, Microbial infections, Communicative Diseases, and so on... Undertaking Projects In some specialized areas: 1. Prokaryotic Molecular & Genetical Studies (Bacteria, Virus, Protozoans, Fungus etc...) 2. Eukaryotic Molecular, Biochemical & Immunological studies (Plants and Animals) 3. Other Microbial Research