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Pune (Maharashtra)
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101 First Floor, 31+32/9, Prabhat Road Lane #5, Erandwane, 411004


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Course programme

Windows programming is outlandish. It’s strange, it’s distorted, its mind boggling. Windows has the standing of being simple for users but hard for programmers. In Windows programming, studying never finishes. The only expectation is that completing this program would assist the candidate to avoid the sheer studying curve that the candidate will otherwise be faced with.

A few small years before, studying to program in C was measured to be the final objective for a learner. However, Microsoft’s Windows-95 and Windows N.T. modified all that. Since it came into survival they have been sold in numerous numbers of copies and have enticed the client and the programmer alike. Previously, many Windows programs were inscribed in C. Though, for previous few years C++ has initiated replacing C as a professional Windows learner’s language of option. This is since the pure difficulty of Window’s, joined with the broad ranging extent of Windows Application Programming Interface (A.P.I.) cries for an Objects Oriented Programming (O.O.P.) language. Which improved languages can the person thinks of to put into practice O.O.P. than C++.

If not the person understands the mechanics of Windows based programs, then the candidate master M.F.C., except the person knows newest internet technology and ways to program them in the Visual-C++ the candidate will be a mere by-stander as the software rebellion sweeps past the learner. The outlook is here. Grab the opportunity with dual hands.

The main contents of the program are as follows:


O.O.P.: Class & Object
Functions & Operators Overload
Constructor & Destructor
Prevent Memory Leaking & Dangle Pointer
Inheritance: Pvt., Pub. & Protection
Polymorphism: V-TABLE Mechanism
Template, Name-spaces
Virtual & Friend Operations
Interface & Abstracts Class
Designs Pattern

Windows Application Programming

M.F.C. Collection Class
G.D.I.: Pen, Brush, Bitmap, etc.
Icon, Colors & Animation Cursors
Map Modes
Menu, Toolbar, Rebar, Coolbar ,Status-Bars
Dialog & Control
Data Exchanges mechanism
S.D.I., M.D.I. & Splitters Windows
Doc or Views Architecture, Serializations
Multi-threading and Synchronizations

Internet & Network Programming

Networking Layer
Networking Program by use of Socket
Create a Chat-system
Working of Internet, S.M.T.P. & POP-3
Build a Browser
F.T.P. Upload and Download
Enumeration of Network Resources

Enterprise Application Programming

Active-X Control
Data-base programming by use of A.D.O.
D.C.O.M., C.O.M.+ & D.N.A.
Message Queuing by use of M.S.M.Q.

Direct-X Game Programming

Direct-X Architecture: H.A.L., H.E.L.
2D and 3D Transformation
Direct-3D, Direct-Draw, Direct-Input
3D Primitives: Point, Line, Triangle
Index and Vertex buffer
Color key methods
Texture Map, Light Models

System Programming

O.S. Architecture-H.A.L., Kernels, Executives
I/O Managers, Object Managers
Files, Drivers & Devices Object
Build Device Driver
W.D.M. Model
Data Transfers Mechanism
Handle applications request

Embedded Programming

Win-CE 5.0
Embedded VC++ application
Real - time programming
Threading, Event, Critical Section
I.S.R.s, I.S.T.s

Visual C++ Project

Windows Explorer
Speech Calculators
Screen Savers
Telephone Faults Booking System
Multi-Player Game by use of Direct-X

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