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It is India's potential as a regional player in Design and Design Technology that attracted Singapore's quality education provider - Raffles Education Corporation to establish its flagship design centre in India. We want to ride on the growth of India and participate in developing India into a Regional Design Hub.

We recognize that the most effective way to be a part of this developing process is to engage in training and coaching young creative talents. India with its huge talent pool and Mumbai with its dynamism, is where we have to plant the seed for growth. With the establishment of Raffles Design International, we are committed to bring international and local professionals in design to coach the young creative talents of this country.

The degree programs are intensive yet flexible. Four terms of full time coaching each year with 1 week break between terms. The learning process and intensity of our programs will mould students as disciplined professionals and enable examinations to be taken in a shorter time period.

In Raffles Design International, we have the resources to realize our students' potential to the fullest. The success stories of many students testify to the fact that graduates from our programs are more successful than their peers in their design careers.

Join us for an exciting journey in becoming a professional designer.

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