Ratiram Academy of Higher Education (RAHE) was established in 2004 in remembrance of Late Shri Ratiram Singh; a person of considerable prominence, displaying affirmation and acceptance, an intellectual being for the young who dedicated his life working for prosperity of humanity in the society. Encouraged by the response in pharmacy professionals, RAHE has entered in the field of postgraduate coaching classes for GPAT, NIPER aspirants. RAHE is the academy in the entire India, which is involved in total spectrum of coaching for higher education in pharmacy only.

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...88, 129, 147, 303, 311, 330, 356, 376, 412 and many more AIR in GPAT 2011 & AIR 38, 87, 100,103, 275, 280, 363, 377, 437, 517,591, 660, 678 & many... More

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Mukesh Kumar
Mukesh Kumar

Advantages of studying here

RAHE will provide special coaching classes through passion of christ for excellence and unbendable commitment.
To achieve mission, RAHE will

# Deliver the rewards of non-traditional geographies through expertise and customer oriented avenue.
# Provide a nurturing work culture that stimulates professional excellence through training.
# Authorization with accountability and recognition
# Provide a fair return on investment to RAHE’s investors by driving belligerent growth and efficiency.
# Enable delivery of new thoughts, while maintaining the most eminent scientific measures and be a creditworthy corporate national.

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