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Rajarshi Shahu College came into existence in 1970. It is indeed a challenging institution of higher education in that it has bravely faced many problems, financial as well as academic, but the college has shown acumen and pragmatism, resourcefulness and creativity. Its history of thirty six years is a journey of trials and tribulations. Its survival has been marked with odds and ordeals. But ultimately sweet are the uses of adversity.

We have worked hard and worked together. We have been working in the right direction with a clear vision. The importance of building an educational institution is no less than the importance of building a nation. Building an educational institution requires the same commitment, the same vision and the same determination. We have taken up that lofty task with a sense of dedication. We are a tribe with educational interests and academic concerns, and our tribe is increasing slowly and steadily. The main concern of our Management is pursuit of excellence in education for the growth and development of the college. Our staff - teaching as well as non-teaching - is deeply involved in the hard task of developing Rajarshi Shahu College, as a result our college has acquired a unique place in Maharashtra.

Rajarshi Shahu Mahavidyalaya