Red Hat Enterprise Security: Network Services Description

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Class hours 40h
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201, Rajesh Centre, Above Cafe Alfa, S. V. Road, Andheri (W), 400058, Maharashtra, India
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Starts On request
201, Rajesh Centre, Above Cafe Alfa, S. V. Road, Andheri (W), 400058, Maharashtra, India
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Course programme

Course Content:

RHS333 goes beyond the essential security coverage offered in the RHCE curriculum
and delves deeper into the security features, capabilities, and risks associated with the
most commonly deployed services. Among the topics covered in this four-day, hands-on
course are the following:
1. The Threat Model and Protection Methods
o Internet threat model and the attacker's plan
o System security and service availability
o An overview of protection mechanisms
2. Basic Service Security
o SELinux
o Host-based access control
o Firewalls using Netfilter and iptables
o TCP wrappers
o xinetd and service limits
3. Cryptography
o Overview of cryptographic techniques
o Management of SSL certificates
o Using GnuPG
4. Logging and NTP
o Time synchronization with NTP
o Logging: syslog and its weaknesses
o Protecting log servers
5. BIND and DNS Security
o BIND vulnerabilities
o DNS Security: attacks on DNS
o Access control lists
o Transaction signatures
o Restricting zone transfers and recursive queries
o DNS Topologies
o Bogus servers and blackholes
o Views
o Monitoring and logging
o Dynamic DNS security
6. Network Authentication: RPC, NIS, and Kerberos
o Vulnerabilities
o Network-managed users and account management
o RPC and NIS security issues
o Improving NIS security
o Using Kerberos authentication
o Debugging Kerberized Services
o Kerberos Cross-Realm Trust
o Kerberos Encryption
7. Network File System
o Overview of NFS versions 2, 3, and 4
o Security in NFS versions 2 and 3
o Improvements in security in NFS4
o Troubleshooting NFS4
o Client-side mount options
8. OpenSSH
o Vulnerabilities
o Server configuration and the SSH protocols
o Authentication and access control
o Client-side security
o Protecting private keys
o Port-forwarding and X11-forwarding issues
9. Electronic Mail with Sendmail
o Vulnerabilities
o Server topologies
o Email encryption
o Access control and STARTTLS
o Anti-spam mechanisms
10. Postfix
o Vulnerabilities
o Security and Postfix design
o Configuring SASL/TLS
11. FTP
o Vulnerabilities
o The FTP protocol and FTP servers
o Logging
o Anonymous FTP
o Access control
12. Apache security

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