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Reiki means consciousness: Ever new, ever changing, never created, never destroyed. My experiences were in line with this nature of consciousness and I never understood all this till today. As experiences started happening, it kept on clicking for me. Basically I am a student of literature and I had taught Saint Kabir and his literature as a college professor. After becoming a Reiki Master, I kept experiencing all that Saint Kabir had spoken of in his work.

Because of the strong intention and commitment of my students, Reiki Master Chhaya Mulye and Reiki Master Smita Pawar, this journey got expressed in words. Their intentions sourced this knowledge through me and they kept penning it down. I am placing before you the experience exactly the way it is. No editing. No censoring. This journey started thus and is still continuing. What I am writing now is the experiential journey. Because of my students (Reiki Masters) this experiential world of mine got a language of expression.

Their passion their sincerity and intense desire to understand, their pain and helplessness of not being able to understand, sometimes they did understand but couldn’t implement. They did struggle through all this and they continued on this path empowered by their strong intentions of healing. All this kept on happening in front of me and each one of these experiences were supplementing and complementing each others mutual experiences.

Everyone agrees that the domain of consciousness exists.

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