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S.S. Music Academy was founded by G.V. Prabhakar (Musician). The activities of the Society are imparting education in Music with a non-profit motive for public utility of any caste or age. And help to poor students, physically handicapped people by way of imparting Music free of cost. Since it amounts to advancement of object of general public utility. We review the progress made by the Academy during the last five years, we humbly submit that it has made considerable contribution in achieving its objective, by imparting coaching to nearly 200 students, particularly the children and youth bringing out their inherent talent by way of coaching and exposure to Music lovers by way of public performances. Though our sincere efforts have been there in identifying and bringing perfection in the Music talents of these budding artistes, we frankly submit here, that but for the dedication and discipline of the students and the excellent support given by parents, it would not have been possible.

In the process of encouraging and exposing talents of our students, every year we have been conducting Anniversary, Summer Coaching Camp concluding ceremony and one City level Music Competitions for Seniors & Juniors which is open for all in Classical and Light Music and also in Key Board playing. Also colourful Music Programmes shows with many of talented participants. As these functions and activities involve huge sum of funds, we are forced to approach some reputed organisations for

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