Sandip Uinversity Nashik - Part time Education

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The Sandip University (SUN) is offering you one of the best and competitive Part Time Programmes as a means of continuing education for employed professionals
through the human resource development of specific organizations. In order to conduct Part Time Programmes,participation of the integrative organizations by
extending physical and other facilities is necessary.

Working professionals from the backgrounds of competitive industry who are motivated, highly career driven and inspired by latest industry trends.
Ambitious working executives, associates, working staff, managers from various industries – public/private/government who wish to gain deep insights
on industry specific knowledge.

Professionals working in the sectors like supply chain,operations,logistics,Production,Quality,IT,Marketing,Materials,BPO and management who aim to achieve overall
competency in the latest cutting-edge technological advancements and succeed in their professional careers.

Sandip Uinversity Nashik - Part time Education