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Location Panjim
Duration 1 Day
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  • Panjim
  • Duration:
    1 Day


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203, Prema Building, Rua de Ourem, Goa, India
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Starts On request
203, Prema Building, Rua de Ourem, Goa, India
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Course programme

How to become a successful person!


After attain this Personality Development program you can change you life and be a successful person

What is the difference between achievers and failures?

There is an important distinction between being a good person who has weaknesses and areas that need improvement, and being a faulty person. A person is a success in life. Other equally talented person lives in the frustration and disappointment. Then there is the paradox of the person who seems to have everything - appears, abilities, and generally money - but he or she is dissatisfied and not happy. While some other, with much less, bubbles with the joy of life!

What creates the big difference? It is not parents, teaching, physical and mental talents. It is mental programming. The successful person has learned to press the right button on your personal computer - the mind. After all, is their way of thinking that identifies How are you, what you can do and what you can be. This program is right for you to build you personality.

You can also program for success with our Personality Development program. This is a complete personality development of the course consists of lectures and practices to develop their self-pride and personality, and master their psychologically and mentally problems, learning to cope with strain, discovering the power of values in life, instilling a mindset positive - with practical exercises to reprogram their thinking and many more.

In this Personality Development training program, students will absorbed these following things:

* Setting and achieving the Millennium Lie

* Building Self - Esteem and Self - Confidence

* Overcoming shyness, nervousness

* Improve your self-image


* Healthy mental attitude

* The art of communication

* Develop positive thoughts

* Balance and Behavior

* Determinants of Personality

* To become a professional person

* Public Speaking

* Improve personal relationships

* Eye Contact and body Language

* To manage Time Management

* Social Image Defined

* Getting Acquainted - Behavior in Introductions

Too often courses Personality development offered at exorbitant prices, with "fly-by-night candidates who wish to do is rich and prosperous in the weakness and gullibility of innocent people. Sometimes the programs are presented by people entering or mystical elements integrate popular California pop-psychology in his teaching potions. Very often these effective methods seem attractive to non-demanding, and easily fall prey to these schemes to make money.

Just think, in the program of recent years, the number of programs in personality development have been initiated? How many of these programs have been consistently popular over time? Ask yourself, how many of them have finished and left to operate in a short duration of time?

However, in STENODAC, the facts are very specific. Since 1971 STENODAC has an enviable reputation for pioneering oriented workshops which have benefited numbers of Goans. Our STENODAC's famous self-image and personality development program is the correct for those people who want to develop their career and want to become successful person in their life. The program start from the starting- exactly where you are - and work up based on a strong and powerful. We cement the testified methods and skills tested while maintaining their personality in a good position - for a life long.

As to our methods and abilities in practical use in day to day, you find that you have made for themselves a positive self-image and a pleasant personality. Whatever happens, whatever their condition or circumstances you are in life - their land and the structure stays well - for YOU HAVE THE RIGHT HAS BUILT.

In STENODAC not mass produce "personality full of people" as in a factory training. Our training program is not performed for a major group or a hearing, but rather by small groups of no more than 10 people. This provides our coach the opportunity to be involved personally with every person and to meet the special requirements of each and the areas of personal development. We are sure you will satisfied with us that personal attention and individual as a prerequisite for every successful training. We ensure that you receive the excellent individual attention from our trainers environment - which can be testified by all candidates who have successfully completed their personality development training with us.

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