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 The aim of this course is to inculcate the British accent in the students, which is hardly done by other training centres. Check for yourself if other centres have provided the desired results. Usually, the tutors themselves don’t speak the British accent well, how then could one expect the students to speak in the accent when the trainers themselves can’t speak like the Brits properly? The objective of this course is to provide desired results i.e. students speak like the Brits by the end of the course.
 Speaking like the Brits is not impossible, not even close to impossible. Rather it’s easy, just as it’s easy to drive a vehicle. Many who go to the UK & want to change their accent adopt the British accent within a year, and sometimes within 9 months or less, depending on the company they choose. It’s just as easy for you to adopt the accent as easy it is for them.
 Learn from a teacher who has experienced & travelled the path of learning the British accent, who was brought up in an Indian school, later on acquired the British accent, hence a speaker of both, the British accent as well as the Indian accent.
 My aim is to emerge as the number 1 British accent trainer in India. Absurd? Ridiculous? Laughable? Fantastic? Of course, you are privileged to dismiss this statement with whatever adjective you wish. I am merely expressing my aim as a trainer.