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Location Mumbai
Duration 5 Days
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  • Mumbai
  • Duration:
    5 Days


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201,'SIGMA' Technology Street Hiranandani Gardens Powai , 400076, Maharashtra, India
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Starts On request
201,'SIGMA' Technology Street Hiranandani Gardens Powai , 400076, Maharashtra, India
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Course programme

Maneuvering a vessel is a talent which while blended with technical principle guides to a absolute command of the subjects. Conventional teaching does not tackle the hands-on aspect of vessel managing.
As a consequence, an official is strained to study on the work. At time this can guide to grave situation. At another time it can guide to fake notion of information & security. At I.M.T.C., we aim deal with only apparently & at a hypothetical strata, when learning for a range of certificate of competencies.
I.M.T.C. employs a statement occupied assignment Nor-control Polaris Ships Steering Simulators to attain its targets.. The simulators is outfitted with ten diverse ship model, which duplicate the steering characters of the ship. The simulators also has the succeeding equipments: A.R.P.A., Steering consoles, V.H.F., lnter-coms, General Emergency Alarms, E.C.D.I.S., Steers, Gyros, Magnetic Compasses, P.G.P.S., Echo sounders, Navigation light, Sound signal & Watch panel.
Shipping companies will discover that this program assists in giving priceless information & self-confidence to their staffs. Additionally, the program tackles the BTM aspects which is so vital to secure steering, casing the topic planned in S.T.C.W.B-VIII/II.
The program has been permitted by the DG of Shipping, Government. of India & complete the necessity of a Ship planning & Bridge Team-work program which is mandatory by all candidates sitting for Masters (FG.) exam.
Program Target:
Candidates will employ a full mission ship-manoeuvring simulators so that they will:
· Heighten their apprehension of the effect on the behaviours of the ships, of winds, currents, shallow water, bank, narrow channels, circumstances of packing & applying the cognition obtained, for right uses of engine, helms & different useable resource at the time of ship steering.
· be capable to pro-actively participates as member of an effectual Bridge Teams with the help of right Bridge Process & reply efficaciously to altering conditions & eventualities.
· gaining an improve realizing of the BRM principle listed in S.T.C.W. sections B-VII/II
The program is suitable for:
All Navigating Officer who have at least six month watch keeping experiences as officers in charge of a nautical observation.

Program Structure:
· Reviewing of Fundamental Principle
· Regular Manoeuvre
· Winds & Currents Effect
· Shallow Waters, Banks, Channels & Interaction Effect
· Anchor & Single-Buoy Moors
· Berth & Un-berth
· Designing & carrying out voyages
· Bridge Team Management
· Managing Emergency
· Experience Share

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