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Shri Vile Parle Kelavani Mandal (SVKM) as we all know is a venerable 70 year old institution. However, the thinking and the capability to take new and innovative steps makes SVKM a frontline contributor in a very modern day context. Nowhere is this more visible than in the courses offered by the Harkisan Mehta Foundation Institute.

To the current roster of Journalism, Advertising, PR and Creative Communication, we will be adding Broadcast Journalism and Digital Film making from the ensuing academic year. A major highlight of these courses is that they are neither academic nor merely job driven--they are 'vocation driven'.

How can you check this? From two things. First, the system of evaluation: there are no exams. Evaluation is done on the basis of project work, assignments and group interactions. This replicates the real life experience and gives participants all-round and intensive preparation. This is why for example at the prestigious World Social Forum held in Mumbai last January, our students stood apart from other institutions by successfully taking up the challenge of bringing out a daily news bulletin for six consecutive days. They reported, analysed, reviewed and wrote for the forum.

The second important testing ground was in the real world when our students went outside the institution's gate. They got jobs in advertising agencies, creative hot shops, a leading MNC bank, leading media and film houses; some of them are also directing films and running thei

Shri Vile Parle Kelavani Mandal