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Pune (Maharashtra)
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"Panchasheel", 42/16, Erandawana, Seed Infotech Lane, off Karve Road, 411004


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BE / B Tech / MCS / MCA / BCS / BSc / BCA or equivalent (Candidates appeared for final year can also apply)

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Course programme

Project Incubation

Project Incubation is an on-job experience where a candidate would work on real-life project in various verticals like healthcare, finance, education etc. Here the candidate would study and research on latest technologies and frameworks to be used for a specific software solution. Candidate would learn Processes for software development life cycle(SDLC) / Software Quality Assurance(SQA) or infrastructure management(IMS) and Technology best practices through hands-on experience on the project. In this phase, candidate would acquire very vital skills which include process driven approach, business domain understanding and application of Technology and tools.
The jobs in the software industry demands professional to learn tomorrow's technology quickly and build the solutions. Project incubation phase prepares candidate on all the four aspects so that he is ready to build applications using next generation technology.

1.Processes and Practice
* Software Development Life Cycle
* Unified Modeling Language(UML)
* Requirements Analysis
* Object Model and Data Model Design
* Coding Best Practices
* Implementation & testing
* Project execution and Control
* Configuration Management

Project Deployment
* Real-life Project Deployment
* SDLC Process knowledge
* Domain knowledge
* Application of Technology & Tools

Business Communication
* Participating in Meetings
* Email etiquettes
* Project Documentation
* Progress Report

Soft Skill
* Presentation & Communication Skills
* Interview Technique & Feedback
* Group Discussion
* Preparation for Aptitude & Test Series,
* Personality Development Workshop
* Personal Effectiveness

* Sun Certified Java Programmer(SCJP)
* Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)

Certification Preparation
* Revision of concepts
* Focused discussion of critical topics
* Mock Examinations

Technology - Orientation

Technology Foundation :

C Programming
Programming Concepts, Language Constructs, Expressions, Selection and Iteration constructs, Preprocessor, Arrays and Functions, Memory Management, Structures and Pointers, Union, Enumeration, File Handling, Linked List and Data Structure Concepts.

C++ Programming
OO Programming Concepts, References & const, Function Overloading, inline functions, Namespace, Constructors and Destructors, const member functions, static member functions, Inline member functions, Memory management, Inheritance, Virtual Methods, Virtual Destructor, Pure virtual functions, Multiple Inheritence, RTTI Introduction, Introduction to Templates.

Database Programming
DBMS and RDBMS Concepts, Data Modeling, SQL- DDL, DML, Transaction Processing, Procedures, Functions, Cursors, Views & Synonyms, Indexes & Clustering, Sequences, PL /SQL Language, Modules, Packages, DB Triggers, Oracle Architecture

.NET Specialization

C# 3.0 Programming
.NET Framework and its components, Language Basics, System Types and Interfaces, Object-oriented Programming, Exception Handling, Delegates and Events, Collections and Generics, File I/O, Serialization an its types, Delegates and Events, Reflection and Custom Attributes, COM Interoperability, Multithreading, XML in .NET, ADO.NET

Windows Forms Applications
Windows Application, Windows Form- Control Collection, Building GUI using Visual Studio.NET Form, Common members , Properties & Events Controls, Mouse and Keyboard Event Handling, Dialog boxes, Using Common Dialog Controls, Creating Custom Dialog Boxes, GDI +, Graphics Class, Deployment of Windows Applications

Web Applications with ASP .NET 3.5
ASP.NET Page life Cycle, Controls in ASP.NET, ASP.NET Object Model, State Management, Using ADO.NET on ASP.NET Pages, Master Pages, Themes, Profiles, Caching, Web Parts, Custom Controls, Personalization and Localization, Web Administration, Health Monitoring, ASP .NET Ajax & ASP .NET Ajax control toolkit.
Advanced Technology
WCF, WF, WPF, Web Services, .NET Security, LINQ in ASP.NET

Software Developer in .Net

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