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Virar is the place where paragliding started in 1995 where he picked up his basics. 10 years of working in an organization, respectable post, good salary, furnished accommodation in Mumbai all this could not match satisfaction of flying like a free bird. He ventured into teaching paragliding in 1998 by assisting in other clubs. The excitement and joy on the students face after their first flight was enough to take a decision of starting his own club SPACE APPLE. He also picked up skills as a winch operator and started training using a winch. Paramotoring, power kiting, parasailing are few other skills he developed over a period of time and added these activities to his club. Assisting in an established Aero modeling venture of his school mate came naturally. The enjoyment and satisfaction in making model planes which could glide and soar kept him busy in his free time. It was natural for him to spread this hobby to young generation through aviation workshops. Other activities such as making fabric kites, taking children for treks and camps followed over a period of time. Today with over 10 years of experience in this field he makes sure his students get the best value for their money.

Space Apple