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      Indian culture is essentially spiritual, centred on what an individual needs to accomplish in his/her lifetime. The culture bears this view in, means of expression, living, attitudes towards different things, etc. This culture is the Indian heritage.

      It is our heritage because it has been passed down the ages through a parampara, given from teacher to student, and parents to children, without any organized attempt. Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati, a traditional teacher of Vedanta, brings out the depth of this heritage through a series of talks. This course, which is structured based on those talks, stays close to the parampara and is hence the best way to get this knowledge.

      This course is 8 weeks long and is given to you in a unique online digital format. The set of video talks delivered by Swamiji Dayananda Saraswati forms the instructional core of course. In addition to the video content, the course has been tailored to bring the effect of Campus-Classroom based learning straight to you.
      You take this course along with many other people through a Cloud Campus, in a Cloud Class.
      You can keep track of the course and engage in discussion on Twitter and Facebook.
      The video talks are given to you in 20 minute segments, making it easy for you to squeeze in time to watch them, during your busy schedule.
      The talks are released in a systematic timed manner so that the entire class can stay in step and in context with each other.
      There is constant engagement throughout for you to think about and retain the salient concepts and messages, so that the course is transformative, rather than informative.
      The course is gamified through Classle Mirror, which will track your progress and works with you to stay on top.

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      Tower B, Spaze IT Tech Park, Sector 49,, 122001, Haryana, India
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      Tower B, Spaze IT Tech Park, Sector 49,, 122001, Haryana, India
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      What you'll learn on the course

      Spiritual heritage
      Heritage management

      Course programme

      The center TalentEdge presents the following program to improve your skills and allow you realize your goals. During this training you will see different modules and acquire new knowledge about the different thematic proposals. Inscribe to access the following materials.

      This course covers a wide range of topics like:

      • Self and Self esteem
      • God/Iswara/Bhagwan
      • Dharma
      • Prayer
      • Many deities, many rituals
      • Different Karma
      • Purusharthas
      • Looking into Oneself, etc.

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