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Duration 1 Day
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#70/1, 2nd Floor, Dr.Brownamma Towers 2nd Cross, Mission Road, CSI Compund, Opp: HCG Hospital, 560027, Karnataka, India
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Starts On request
#70/1, 2nd Floor, Dr.Brownamma Towers 2nd Cross, Mission Road, CSI Compund, Opp: HCG Hospital, 560027, Karnataka, India
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Course programme

Program Module

Foreword to Telecommunication Signaling

* The function of Signaling
* Transportation plus examination plane
* Control (Signaling) plane
* Beginner's observation of a Signaling method
* C A S plus C C S
* Access / Network Signaling
* Telephony switch rudiments
* Route assortment course
* Call dispensation logic in the button
* Circuit-related Signaling
* Signaling in order in call manage
* Non-circuit-related Signaling
* The O S I plus TCP / IP protocol heaps
* The I S O 7 layer sculpt
* The organization of S S 7
* M T P, S C C P, TC
* SS7 user parts
* Call control Signaling
* SS7 circuit-related Signaling
* SS7 non-circuit-related Signaling
* SS7 recommendations

SS7 Signaling Networks

* Signaling network components
* SS7 within mobile plus fixed networks
* National/international Signaling networks
* SPCs plus STPs
* Signaling modes
* Signaling link naming convention
* Fully associated links - 'F' links
* 'A', 'B', 'C', 'D' plus 'E' links


* MTP structure, role plus services
* MTP levels 1, 2 plus 3
* Signal unit functions
* MTP Signaling unit formats
* MTP error control
* Level 2 procedures
* Processor outage
* Flow control
* Signaling Message Hplusling
* Use of the SLS field
* Service Information Octet
* Message Signal Unit (MSU) structure

Call Control Protocols

* Call control
* ISDN User Part
* Pass along method
* ISDN supplementary service
* Number identification
* Call offering
* Call completion


* S C C P within SS7
* Subsystem
* Data encapsulation
* S C C P functions, management plus routing
* Enhanced routing function
* S C C P extended service capability
* S C C P services in network application
* Blue Book plus White Book S C C P compared
* Global Titles
* The need for S C C P enhanced routing
* S C C P address field
* Subsystem number
* S C C P routing/translation
* S C C P connection-oriented service
* Connection-oriented concept
* Class- 2 plus Class-3 service connection set up
* Connectionless service
* General principles
* Class 0 plus Class 1
* Return option
* Segmentation plus re-assembly in connectionless process
* Network Services Part
* NSP plus SS7 alignments
* SS7 NSP message format

Transaction Capabilities

* Introduction to Transaction capability
* TC milieu plus procedure stack
* T C A P Blue Book plus White Book contrast
* Components along with operations plus dialogue
* Application Context Names
* Need for A-C cooperation
* T C A P structure plus functions
* Structure, component category plus operation correspondence
* T C A P functions plus events
* Component relocate
* Dialogue segment
* Application circumstance

SS7 application

* SS7 within intellectual Network
* IN structure plus signaling protocol
* IN basic call sequence
* SS 7 within Global Service Mobile
* Signaling Transport layer
* H-248/ Megaco entry manage procedure
* Route- plus non-circuit-related state of affairs

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