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3.3 /5


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Ayushi Biswas

About the course: It's a good cllg , with high facilities..
Course taken: September 2021
Would you recommend this course?: Yes

Certificate Course in Tax Practices and Procedures


What I would highlight: Income tax, vat, tds, How to fill up the form such as ITR1, ITR2, ITR-3, ITR-4, E-FILLING. ON LINE FILL UP
What could be improved: --
Course taken: November 2013
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
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A quarter of a century before the present St Xavier’s College began in 1860 in the discarded San Souci Theatre on Park St, by the Belgian Jesuits, an international group of Jesuits commissioned by the English Jesuit Province landed in Calcutta to look after the interests of the Catholics. The team was headed by Dr Robert St Leger.

* 1834: Opening of the College of St Francis Xavier at Moorghyhatta by Fr Chadwick, an English Jesuit.
* 1835: the institution is shifted to no.3 Park St.
* 1841: It is shifted to 22 Chowringhee, where the present day Indian Museum stands, to accommodate the increasing number of students, the same year Mgr Carew lands in Calcutta to take charge of the affairs of the Catholic Church.
* 1846: The closure of the College of St. Francis Xavier due to the feud between the Jesuits and Mgr Carew, and the Jesuits leave for their home shores.

Other names to be remembered: Joseph Mero (an Italian lay brother), Fr William Weld, Fr Moore and Fr Robert Johnson.

At the demise of Mgr Carew in 1855, Mgr Olliffe took charge as the new bishop.

An admirer of the Jesuits, and with the active support of lay people prominent among them being the Corneliuses, the O’Briens and the Cantophers, the Belgian Jesuits were appealed to come to Calcutta to look after the education of the Catholic community!

No. 10, the burnt out premises of Sans Souci theatre, was bought by Mgr Carew in 1850 to transfer St John’s college he had begun in Entally.. St John

St. Xavier's College, Kolkata