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Dual Undergraduate Degree in Law and Business

Stefan Wiliams

What I would highlight: The time taking this program was well invested. I learned many things about business management and law, feel prepared now to work on any of these fields. I want to thank the coordinators who were extremely patient and helpful. I was a good decision of my life.
What could be improved: No complaints.
Course taken: January 2017
Would you recommend this course?: Yes

Hospitality Service courses with Internship at Israeli hotels

Florine Colley

What I would highlight: Since Tourism offers a lot a options to work, I decided to signed up on this intership, that was really motivational. The coordinators helped me with the classes and now I work as a tour guide on a big company which is based on UK. For sure I recommend it.
What could be improved: .
Course taken: December 2016
Would you recommend this course?: Yes

MA in Jewish Education

Batel Lieberman

What I would highlight: In addition to the weekly videos, what worked best for me is using the accessibility feature in the website and having the computer read me the texts while I take notes – just like being in a live lecture. Sure, it’s about 10-12 hours a week that I have to set aside to study, which isn’t much and I study at my pace. I would definitely recommend this program. It is very enriching, of a high academic quality, and very practical. Finally a degree program with professors that really understand the challenges of Jewish Educators today… and with Israel inside.
What could be improved: Nothing bad.
Course taken: June 2016
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
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