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...for the industry to become sustainable and competitive at the global level and as a result, achieve our vision of becoming a developed country by the year... Learn about: Supply Logistics, Supply Chain Planning, Supply Chain Logistics... More

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  • Diploma
  • Chennai
  • 3h

...Doing this course will be of paramount assistance for the students to understand the functioning as well as the working of shipping industry and what... Learn about: Supply Chain Logistics, Supply Chain Strategy, Logistics Management... More

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  • Post Graduate Diploma
  • Chennai
  • 3 Years

...itself points to the capacity constraints, with roads bearing the bulk of the freight movement. The confrontations in the way lies in building multi-modal... Learn about: Supply Chain Distribution, Supply Chain Process, Transport Management... More

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  • Certificate
  • Chennai
  • 5 Days

...on Confederation of Indian Industry -IL's have possession of consultancy in addition to training understas well asing in Indian commerce surroundings... Learn about: Logistics Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Strategy, Logistics Management... More

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Certificate in Supply Chain Management Essentials

...Do you want long-lasting business success? Study in depth the key terms and techniques of supply chain management. Our aim is to give you practical knowledge and skills, so you’ll be fully prepared for work. Understand how to manage supply and suppliers, get to grips with the long reach... Learn about: Supply and Chain Management, Supply Chain Manager, Business Analyst... More

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