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Evision Solutions is pioneer in transforming Training Models for greater flexibility, higher efficiency and lower costs.Evision Solutions makes an ideal partner for organizations and individuals looking at transformational Training programmes on the cutting edge technologies such as iPhone Application Development, Android application development.

We at Evision Solutions are focused on highly interactive learning environment - where we come together to talk about new technologies and their implementations. The initiative behind interaction is to progress the dynamics of implementation.

Our training model is inspired by the following thoughts

1. We learn more when we share than when we preach.

2. Everyone has some of the answers, but no one has them all

Our Training methodology allows each participant to be part of the learning process thereby leading to the cumulative development of the entire group.

We believe we are a pretty unique team; professional and highly skilled in what we do, but able to put on our fun, creative and pioneering hats when required.

Our passion is driven by the desire to learn new technologies and discover the best ways of implementation. Our team persistently updates our course modules, lessons, examples, & codes thus providing participants with the awareness on latest development in Mobile Application Technology.

You will experience your requirements being met on time, within budget and with high quality; greater effic