Symantec: Enterprise Vault v8.0 for Exchange: Troubleshooting and Maintenance Course

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Location Bangalore
Duration 4 Days
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  • Bangalore
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    4 Days

Suitable for: Customers, support engineers, SEs, Consultants, and Partners


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#70/1, 2nd Floor, Dr.Brownamma Towers 2nd Cross, Mission Road, CSI Compund, Opp: HCG Hospital, 560027, Karnataka, India
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Starts On request
#70/1, 2nd Floor, Dr.Brownamma Towers 2nd Cross, Mission Road, CSI Compund, Opp: HCG Hospital, 560027, Karnataka, India
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Frequent Asked Questions

¬∑ Requirements

You should have previously attended the following Symantec courses: * Symantec Enterprise Vault 8.x for Exchange: Install, Configure & Deploy * Symantec Enterprise Vault 8.x for Exchange: Manage & Administer

Course programme

Academic Module

Structural design plus improvement

* Enterprise Vault Structural Design plus presentation
* Pre-installation plus Upgrade deliberations
* The Upgrade progression
* Successively the pattern Wizard
* Trouble-shooting Installation/Upgrade subjects


* The Enterprise Vault information bank
* Practical Labs: Inspect the stuffing of the SQL folder, trouble-shooting widespread tribulations with MESSAGING APPLICATION PROGRAMMING INTERFACE

* Getting Started Wizard arrangement competences
* G S W methods
* G S W fundamentals
* What can be configured Employing G S W?
* Trouble-shooting G S W
* Practical Labs: Employing the G S W to configure Enterprise Vault, trouble-shooting the G S W

Microsoft Message Queues

* Microsoft Message Queuing
* Viewing Microsoft Message Queues
* Practical Labs: Setting up journaling of MSMQ, setting up the Performance Monitor, aperture Microsoft SQL Server Management accommodation, Monitoring Message Queues at the same time as Records plus re-establish Messages, restore Messages

Mailbox bringing together plus Records

* Structural Design of Mailbox Records
* Mailbox Synchronization
* Stirring Mailboxes
* Modernize Moved Items in Mailbox
* Age plus Quota Records stratagem
* Trouble-shooting Mailbox Records
* Practical Labs: Moving plus replication of the items flanked by dissimilar mailbox folders, formative how, at what time plus why updates take place or do not crop up, designing plus testing age plus quota-based Records strategies, trouble-shooting widespread problems with Mailbox Records

Exchange Journal Records

* Structural Design of Journal Records
* Widespread Problems with Exchange periodical Records
* Practical Labs: Configuring Exchange journal Records, Creating a journal vault store, Configuring a journal archive, Configuring a journaling task, Setting up a journaling mailbox target, Testing Exchange journal Records by tracking M S M Qs, Trouble-shooting common problems with journal Records

OWA MSI plus Client Trouble-shooting

* User Extensions
* Trouble-shooting User Extensions
* Trouble-shooting OWA Extensions
* OWA MSI Control File Updater
* Trouble-shooting OWA MSI Control File Updater
* Practical Labs: Employing full client logging, Running trouble-shooting scripts, Investigating hidden messages

Trouble-shooting Storage

* The Storage Service
* The Vault Store Database
* Trouble-shooting NTFS Partitions
* New Storage Tools - EVSVR
* Retired Support Utilities
* Practical Labs: Moving a vault store partition, Tracking an email sent to three users, Employing the soft delete option, Launch plus run EVSVR, Create Task Control Files, Generate EV Storage Reports Employing EVSVR, Perform verification of EV Storage Employing EVSVR

Trouble-shooting OSIS

* Implementing OSIS
* What is a SIS Boundary?
* Employing the New Vault Store Group Wizard
* Employing the Configure Sharing Wizard
* Testing Connectivity
* New Vault Store Wizard Enhancements
* Vault Store Properties
* Partition Settings plus Device Capabilities
* Storage Device Capabilities
* Upgrade Considerations
* The Fingerprint Engine
* Trouble-shooting OSIS
* Practical Labs: Navigating the new storage structure, Trouble-shooting OSIS Issues

Trouble-shooting Vault Store Partition Rollover

* Prologue of Vault Store Partition Rollover
* Central Structural Design
* Configuring Automatic Partition Rollover
* Forcing Partition Rollover
* Trouble-shooting Vault Store Partition Rollover
* Practical Labs: Configuring automatic Partition Rollover, Forcing partition Rollover with cmdlets, Trouble-shooting Partition Rollover

Trouble-shooting Vault Cache

* Prologue of Vault Cache
* Vault Cache Structural Design
* Vault Cache Workflow
* Trouble-shooting Vault Cache Issues
* Practical Labs: Establishing pre-requisite settings, Configuring Vault Cache policies, Enabling plus synchronizing Vault Cache, Checking Client Logs plus Diagnostics plus Testing Vault Cache, Testing Offline Archive Explorer harmonization

Trouble-shooting Indexing plus Searching

* Indexing Prologue
* Trouble-shooting Indexing plus Searching
* Practical Labs: track the Indexing course of action Employing the S Q L file tables, Employing indexing tools to trouble-shoot problems, Moving an catalog from one location to another

Enterprise Vault Policy Manager

* Important Enterprise Vault strategy executive
* Setting up Initialization records
* Employing E V P M to modify Public Folder Records
* Practical Labs: Working with E V P M files, Creating an E V P M script to Archive a Mailbox, Creating a sift plus a individual directory, create a collective records plus Configuring Permissions

Automatic Classification Engine

* Prologue of Intelligent Records
* Prologue of System mechanism
* Practical Labs:

Trouble-shooting Desktop Policy

* Impression of Desktop strategy
* Desktop strategy augmentation
* Upgrade reflection
* Trouble-shooting gears
* Practical Labs: Create new-fangled EDP, transmission of strategy, Provisioning, allowing Mailboxes, confirm the arrangement, checking relationship

Trouble-shooting Enterprise Vault Restoring styles

* Prologue of restoring form
* Central Structural Design Scheme
* Central Structural Design: Storage Restoring
* Central Structural Design: tracking listed items Restoring
* Central Trouble-shooting
* Highly developed Trouble-shooting
* Practical Labs: Lay down endorsement Mode surrounded by the administration shield, Trouble-shoot Issues with Restoring approach

File System

* General idea of File structure Records
* Trouble-shooting File structure Records
* F S A Check pointed scrutinize
* Practical Labs: Setting up F S A, Employing the F S A function, Performing Check pointed Scans, Trouble-shooting Check pointed Scans, Employing plus Trouble-shooting A N S L

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