Symantec Storage Foundation 5.0 Administration Course

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Location Bangalore
Duration 1 Day
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    1 Day

Suitable for: Students who can benefit from this course are system administrators or storage administrators responsible for the management of storage resources in Solaris OS environments, using the Veritas storage software products.


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#70/1, 2nd Floor, Dr.Brownamma Towers 2nd Cross, Mission Road, CSI Compund, Opp: HCG Hospital, 560027, Karnataka, India
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Starts On request
#70/1, 2nd Floor, Dr.Brownamma Towers 2nd Cross, Mission Road, CSI Compund, Opp: HCG Hospital, 560027, Karnataka, India
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Frequent Asked Questions

· Requirements

To succeed fully in this course, students should be able to: * Configure the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) * Control Solaris OS run levels * Understand the Solaris OS file system structure * Perform basic file ownership and protection using the chgrp, chmod, and chown commands * Perform common file system administration using the format, mkdir, newfs, and mount commands * Administer Solaris OS packages using the pkgadd, pkgrm, and patchadd commands * Use basic OpenBoot programmable read-only memory (PROM) commands * Cable Sun systems and peripherals

Course programme

Syllabus of the course
Sun Storage notion

* Elucidate diskette storage space Admin
* Recognize storage space configuration
* Look at hardware interface
* Explain disk storage space concept

Managing information

* Elucidate the to returns of practical storage space Admin
* Elucidate R A I D stipulations
* List the everyday features of both supported R A I D level

Veritaas storage space underpinning setting up

* List the key elements of pre-installation planning
* Install the Veritaas Storage Foundation 5.0 software
* Verify the post-installation environment
* Explore the Veritaas Enterprise Administrator (VEA) console features
* Elucidate the VxVM error numbering Network

Veritaas Volume Administrator Basic Operations

* Control disk storage resources
* Elucidate the function of VxVM disk groups
* Administer disk groups using commin additon to-line programs
* Administer disk groups Using the vxdiskadm utility
* Protect storage devices from usage

Veritaas Volume Administrator Volume Operations

* Examine volume components in additon to structures
* Create volumes using the vxassist commin additon to
* Add file Networks to existing volumes
* Resize volumes in additon to file Networks
* Modify volume access attributes
* Administer volume logs
* Removing a volume

Disk Admin Using the VEA GUI

* Creating disk groups, volumes, in additon to file Networks
* Administering disks, disk groups, volumes, in additon to file Networks

Veritaas Volume Administrator Advanced Operations

* Encapsulate in additon to mirror the Network boot disk
* Administer hot-relocation
* Evacuate all subdisks from a disk drive
* Move disk drives without preserving data
* Move a populated disk drives to a new disk group
* Back up in additon to restore a disk group configuration
* Elucidate how to import a disk group after a Network crash
* Carry out a quantity snap backup
* Make Vx VM layered volume
* Carry out an online quantity re-layout
* Put back a unsuccessful disk drive

Veritaas File Network Basic Operations

* Use complete Vx FS accumulate option
* Perform onlin e Vx FS administration responsibilities
* Translate a U F S case Network to a Vx FS file Network
* Affix a Vx FS file Network precinct

Veritaas Volume Administrator Performance Admin

* Portray performance expansion practices
* Use the vx stat in addition to vx trace presentation investigation utensils

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