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After Completing this course, you should be able to:

Develop an understanding of the computer fundamentals - Hardware and Software

Realize the importance of the concepts of the Networking Fundamentals

Learn about Application Architectures in the real world

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Actionscript (Flash)
Actuarial Mathematics

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The Coverage on this course is as follows

What is a Computer? Parts of a Computer - 1 Types of Computers - 1Architecture of a Basic Computer - 1What are Input and Output devices?RAM: Random Access MemoryROM: Read Only MemoryWhat are the different types of Memory devices?Difference between persistence and Non persistence memoryFunctions of a processorRegisters, Buses and ClockHistory of ComputersComputer hardwareROMS/EPROMS/Memory/StoragePhysical and logical portsPC/Server Hardware/AppliancesDevice boot processWhat is a program?How a program is converted into machine language?What is the difference between a compiler and an interpreter?What is the role of a linker?What is program execution?What is system software?What is application software?What is a network?How do machines communicate with each other?LAN/WAN OSI Layers TCP/IP How do we communciate over the Internet?What are Web based services? ( Web, Email,Chat,etc)Application ports in detail.File Servers, Email Servers , Application ServersApplications componentsWeb Based apps .What is a client and what is a server?How Client/Server different from Mainframe computers?How mainframe terminals are different from Client machines?What are the common types of client/server architectures? What is a multitier architecture?What is Cloud Computing?Differentiate PaaS, SaaS, IaaS

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