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MIEL Academy is pleased to announce PRISM (Programme in Information Security Management) a one-year Full-time Programme (FTP) in Information Security (IS) Management.

PRISM is a one-year programme in Information Security Management. It has a four trimester structure and is designed based on the global standards of pedagogy.

The prime objective of the course is to create trained IS professionals at the middle management level, through proper education to bridge the demand-supply gap of IS professionals across the globe and accelerate the careers of people desirous of entry into the IS field.

How is PRISM unique?
PRISM is a result of MIEL’s deep insight into IS gained through

* Unique job-ready programme, one of its kinds in the market, globally.
* Consulting across all functional domains of IS in the domestic and international market.
* Training experience of designing and delivering IS programmes of diverse nature leading to certification.
* Affiliation and alliances with world-class IS certifying authorities.
* Highly qualified, internationally accredited and experienced team of instructors.
* State-of-the-art training infrastructure.
* Education Loan Facility.
* 20-day FREE orientation programme for all enrolled students to match up to the requirement of the curriculum.

Benefits of PRISM

The opportunities on successful completion of PRISM are many and quite lucrative:

* Joint Certification from MIEL and CSI

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