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Tekhnix is an animation and Visual Effect Studio founded by Group of Artists who have spent their entire life creating eye catching animation,Visual effects and CGI. Over the last six years Tekhnix team has worked on several Television series, Animated commercial, Pre-renderd Game Cinematics, animated films, theatrical feature film and CGI effects for live-action films. At tekhnix studios,They teach all the methods/techniques they have learnt so far. They have worked on Several hollywood and bollywood movies and TVC. Some of the titles which they recently worked includes movies like Wah life ho to aisi, Blood A butcher's tale, Zinda, the Hiding, Sick House, Red Mercury, Flight Club, The Rising, No Entry etc.

Advantages of studying here

Facilities Tekhni Theatre Green Screen Room for VFX 24 X 7 lab HDMI Monitors and projectors Shooting Equipments Production Training by Industry Seniors Library Studio Standard Pipeline MEL PYTHON configured

Areas of specialisation

Animation ,VFX , Game Designing , Film Making,Game programing,Specialization courses,Web Designing,1 month and 2 month Short term courses


TekhniX is an animation and visual effects studio, founded by group of artists who have spent their entire life creating eye-catching animation and visual effects for more than 40 bollywood and hollywood movies.