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Thrissur (Kerala)
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KTES Campus, Chettiparambu, Irinjalakuda.Thrissur, Kerala, India, 680121

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TIG is also popularly known by Tungsten Inert Gas soldering. Also described GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Soldering). The arc is in progress with a tungsten electrode protected by motionless gas in addition to filler rod is fed into the weld pond unconnectedly. A slower development than MIG, it produces a additional accurate weld in addition to can be second-hand at inferior amperages for thinner metal in addition to can be used on striking metals. TIG does necessitate moderately a bit more point in time than MIG to study. It is analogous in performance to gas soldering. Course length depends on the preceding knowledge, skill as well as knowledge of the candidate in soldering. TIG soldering machines are used for teaching. Gas tungsten arc soldering is mainly used to fuse stainless steel in addition to non-ferrous materials, such as aluminum in addition to magnesium, excluding it can be useful to almost all metals, with distinguished exceptions being lead in addition to zinc. Its submissions connecting carbon steels are unperfected not for the reason that of procedure restrictions, other than for the reason that of the survival of more cost-effective steel soldering methods, such as gas metal arc soldering in addition to protected metal arc soldering. In addition, GTAW can be performed in a assortment of other-than-flat points, depending on the skill of the welder in addition to the materials being welded

TIG Welding

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