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Times School of Journalism is launching its Business Journalism Course to produce high-calibre business journalists who can read and interpret economic intelligence for the corporate world as well as demystify it for the reader at large. While the first three modules – Writing, Reporting & Editing – are common with the PGDJ curriculum, Economics and Management will be taught separately.
TSJ believes in Do-It-Yourself journalism, which involves learning by exploring the world of knowledge. The practice of journalism in a knowledge-based society differs qualitatively from what journalism used to be just a decade ago. Hence this highly specialized state-of-the-art Business Journalism Course.
Expect big surprises – in the class room, you will be face-to-face with people whom you have only seen on television or read in the newspaper. Taught by the best business editors, our interns are hired by the best TV channels or economic daily. So it is not a bad idea to begin with.
The duration of the course is one year: 6 months class room, 2 months with studio and media portals, and the last 4 months on paid internship.
The details:

* Established in 1985
* Unique Pedagogy
* One year duration with a 8 month class/workshop and 4 month on the job training provided
* Inputs from leading journalists from The Times Group and other media houses
* Provides cross-media training and opportunities through the RIT module
* Enables students to acquire technical and soft

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