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Times Technologies is founded by a team sharing the same vision and also inducts associates joining hands to achieve the desired objectives defined at every point of time. The industry expertise of every individual had helped to cater to social needs in all business activities. The total number of years of experience making it also enabled to define them in emerging trends and act always foreseeing the future(vision).

Knowledge and skill equipped are the only instruments of professional training that is not subject to diminishing returns.Our Vision and Mission:
“Aiming at the first reference point of global recognition for contributing to the development of human resources in their capacities to match the knowledge, skill sets (Training)”
“In managing business in the emerging technologies by providing solutions o define business with defined vision needs through a high level Consulting Services involving software and its development of software engineering products and in enhancing the utilization of software implemented (J2EE, Mainframes, Dot Net), etc productivity improvement, by our dedicated team”

Our Establishments:
We are operating from three major cities in the down south of the Indian continent, Bangalore and Chennai, in north Pune creating a revelation in Computer Science Engineering and contributing to the enhancement of each and every industrial profile because this industry has merged with and hence play an important role in the development of the

Times Technologies