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Transcend Technology Orbit (T2Orbit) is a new generation software company that understands business and its bottom line. The company has chosen a strategic global model combining the best of onshore and offshore software development to deliver premium quality services and products to our clients at affordable cost. The Company specializes in, domestic end-user product development and deployment, HR Consulting and Management, Automation Planning, Customized onsite and offshore Software Development.

T2Orbit have "Economically reachable Friendly Solutions", for various sectors of IT industry and other domains. Specifically we mind about Clients, since they give us the opportunity to work with them with their culture and a convention that makes us to deliver the solutions at its best. As companies search for ways to react to intense competitive pressures in the next decade, the firm offers a unique group of integrated dynamic state-of-the-art services to help clients develop high performance capability.

Tour de Force