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Location Visakhapatnam
Duration 1 Day
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  • Visakhapatnam
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    1 Day


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4th Floor Rednam Regency Diamond Park Dwarakanagar, 530016, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Starts On request
4th Floor Rednam Regency Diamond Park Dwarakanagar, 530016, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Course programme

Inter-networking with Bridges, Switches & Routers
Over-view of the Seven layers I.S.O. models, Over-view of device plus Internetworking fundamentals, L.A.N. Technology Reviews, Internetworking Device: Characteristics of a replicate, Characteristics of Bridge, Transparent Bridging plus Span-Tree, Source-Routing, Characteristics of Switch, Various Switching Modes, V-LAN Technology Internetworking with Routes : Characteristics of a Router, Networks plus M.A.C. Addresses, Addresses Map, Routing Table, Routing Protocol (R.I.P. plus O.S.P.F.), I.P. Switch, Protocol, Route plus Non Route, Addresses Class A-E, I.P. address plus sub-netting, Routes with R.I.P., Routing Table Illustrations, R.I.P. Limitation, Routing with O.S.P.F., O.S.P.F. Implementations.
Topology of Networks, O.S.I. - Layers, I.P. Address – F.L.S.M. plus C.I.D.R., Installations of O.S. (Linux/Server 2003), TCP IP Property, Server: D.H.C.P., D.N.S., Mail-Server (I.I.S./AP-ACHE), F.T.P., R.A.S. plus Troubleshooting (Linux/Server 2003).
Industrial-Communication Network
PC-to-PC Communication as per DOS with Serial Ports plus Parallel Port, PC-to-PC Communication under D.O.S. with MODEM plus 4 - LINE EXCHANGES. Use of Communication Software – COMIT-or-XTALK, PC-to-PC Communication beneath WIN-98's Direct Cables Connection with Serial Ports plus Parallel-Ports. PC-to-PC Communications under WIN-98's DIAL - UP Network with MODEM plus 4 - LINE Exchanges, PC-to-PC Communications under WIN-98's HYPER-TERMINAL with MODEM plus 4 - LINE Exchanges, P.C. as Terminal by use of Terminal Emulator Software connecting "8085µP" trainers, Internet Connections Setting-up by use of Dialing-up Networks, Thick as well as Thin Ethernet L.A.N. with Bus plus Star Topology, Thin Ethernet L.A.N. with Bus plus Star-Topology, Terminal Network with Unix/Linux Server for one-two terminals.
Rudiments of Wireless LAN’s
Wireless L.A.N. setup plus Trouble-shootign "802.11a&802.11b" technologies, Products plus solutions, Sites Surveys, Resilient WLAN design, installation plus configurations, W-LAN Safety- 802.1x,EAP, LEAP, WEP, SSID, Vendor-interoperatability-plans, wireless bridging

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