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2nd Floor, Premises 41/2208 Opp: Veekshanam Daily, Veekshanam Road, 673018, Kerala, India
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Starts On request
2nd Floor, Premises 41/2208 Opp: Veekshanam Daily, Veekshanam Road, 673018, Kerala, India
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Course programme

Cisco Certified Network Associate certification point out a base in and trainee knowledge's of networking. CCNA certified experts can installs, configures, & operates LAN, WAN, & dial access service for small network which includes but not restricted to use of these protocol: IP, EIGRP, Serial, Frames Relay, VLANs, RIP, Ethernets, and Access List.

Course Content:

Module 1 Building Simple Networks

Module 2 Ethernet Local Area Network

Module 3 Wireless Local Area Networks

Module 4 Exploring the Functions of Routings

Module 5 Wide Area Network

Module 6 Network Environment Management

This program explains student how network functions, identifying main component, function of networks component and the Open System Interconnection reference models.

And it also teaches the usage of the host to host packet delivery processes, how to explain issues connected to increasing traffics on an Ethernet LAN & recognizing switched LAN technology solution to Ethernet networking issue.

It also explains to the student the cause for extending the reach of a LAN and the techniques that is used with a focus on RF wireless contact.

Explain the reasons for connecting network with router & how routed network transmits data through network using TCP or IP. It also explains the functions of WANs, the main device of WANs, & configures PPP encapsulations, statics & dynamic routings, PAT & RIP routings. It also teaches how to review and configures and troubleshoot a small networks.

It enable student to use the command line interfaces to discovers neighbors on the networks and managing the router startup & configurations

Module 1 Small Network Implementations

Module 2 Medium Sized Switched Network Constructions

Module 3 Medium Sized Routed Networks Constructions

Module 4 Single Area OSPF Implementations

Module 5 EIGRP Implementations

Module 6 Access Control Lists

Module 7 Address Space Managements

Module 8 LAN Extension into WANs

Expand the switched networks from a small LANs to a medium sized LANs with many switches, supporting VLAN, trucking, & spanning trees.

Describe routing ideas as they apply to medium sized networks & discuss consideration when implementing routing on the networks.

Configuring, verifying, & troubleshoots OSPF.

Configuring, verifying, & troubleshoots EIGRP.

Decide how to apply ACL based on networks obligations, and to configures, verifying, & troubleshoots ACL on a medium sized networks.

Explain when to use NATs or PATs on medium sized networks, & configure NATs or PATs on router.

Recognize & implementing the suitable WAN technologies based on network prerequisite.

The Cisco Certified Network Associate is the composite examination connected with the CCNA certification. Students can prepare for this examination by taking the Interconnecting Cisco Networking Device Part 1 v1.0 & the ICND2 v1.0 programs. This examination tests a student's knowledge & skills necessary to install, operates, and troubleshoots a small to medium size enterprises branch networks. The subjects include connecting to a WANs, implementing networks security, Different Kinds of network ,networks media, routing & switching basics, the TCP/IP & OSI model, IP addressing, WAN methodologies operating & configuring IOS device, extending switched network with VLAN, determining IP route, managing IP traffics with access list, establishing point to point links, & establishing Frames Relay links.

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