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4th Floor Rednam Regency Diamond Park Dwarakanagar, 530016, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Starts On request
4th Floor Rednam Regency Diamond Park Dwarakanagar, 530016, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Course programme

Compressors, Pumps plus Mechanical Seals
Compressors: Kinds of Compressor, Compressions Fundamentals, Defining, Functioning of Compressor Segments, Kinds of Drives, Alignments - Component, Foundations plus Drives, Defensive Maintenance.
Pumps: Categorization of Pumps, Pumping Terminology plus Definition, Principles of Operations - Characteristics plus Limits, The manufacturing of Pumps, Suction-Pressure Consideration plus N.P.S.H., Pumping Assortment - Criteria, Centrifugal-Pump, Vertical Turbine Pump, Organized Maintenance plus Inspections, Predictive Maintenances, Alignments, Preservation Objective plus Practices.
Mechanical Seals: Defining Mechanical Seal, The General Sections of a Mechanical Seals, Opting of Seal for Different Chemical Condition, Reasons for using Mechanical Seals, Methods of working with Balanced Seal, Reasons for failure in Mechanical-Seal, Cross Sectional Views of Pumps plus Seals.

Industry’s Oil Hydraulics
General Concepts of Oil Hydraulics, Ingredients of Hydraulic-System, Electrical Controlling stations, Mechanical component, Understand Hydraulic Circuits, Illustrations of Hydraulic Circuits with Operational explanations, erections, commission of Hydraulic System, Maintaining of Hydraulic system, Hydraulic-oils, their grading plus comparisons, Oiling contaminations - occurring outcomes plus measurements, Filter oils – ways the filters function, other techniques of Oil cleaning.

Trouble-shooting of Instrumentation, Electrical plus Procedure Controlling Industrial Trouble-shooting - Preface plus Basics, P.L.C. Trouble-shooting, Sensors plus Testing Devices, Actuator plus Drives, Electrical-Systems, Communication plus Networks Trouble-shooting, Trouble-shooting Equipments plus Instrumentations.

Trouble-shooting of Electronic Circuits for Engineers plus Technicians
Preface to General Fundamentals, Discretion Components, Circuit-Laws, Amplifier, Use of Testing Equipments, Industrial Practice, Preface to Trouble-shooting, Breakdown Analysis plus Prevention In Electronic-Circuits, Test In Electronic-Circuits, Devices Trouble-shooting, Designing Trouble-shooting For Digital plus Analog System, Logic Trouble-shooting, Power-Supply, P.C.B. Tests, Security Aspect

Procedure Controls plus Tuning Of Industrial Controlling Loops

General Controlling Concepts, Preface To Instrumentations, Preface To Controlling Values, Rudiments of Procedure Controls, Rudiments of Tuning, The Various Tuning Rules, Tune of Values, Automated Tuning, Tuning Of More Complicated Systems, Fine Practices

Procedure, Electrical plus Instrumental Drawing
Preface to Plant Designing - Operations plus Maintaining Documentations, General Circuits/Components, Procedure Diagrams, Instrumentation-Documentation, Electrical-Documentation, Vendor-Packages, Modify Control.
Energy Conservations

Energy- Significance plus Definition of Conservation, Energy Saving Techniques, Competence plus Conversion of Energy, Implementing of different techniques for Energy Saving, Impacts on Environmental plus Human-Health, Energy Conservation Act-2001, Device for Preserving of Energy, Project Related with Sources of Energy plus Saving of Energy, Effectual Co - Operation among Management plus Personnel for Implementing.

Project Managing plus Industrial Engineering

Administrative Developing Curriculum
Inter-personal Relation, Transactional Analysis, leadership-Styles plus Skills, Effectual Communication, Time Management, Group Constructing, Productiveness, Divergence Management, Stress-Management, Change-Management, Ethics Tool kit for Managers.
Complete Quality Management

Quality Improving versus Quality Assurance, Quality Improvements Concepts, A Past Lesson, Consumer Orientations, Readiness-Assessment, Measurements of Consumer Approval, Conductive Employees Survey, Shifting of Paradigms, Plan to make a T.Q.M. System in Organization, Employees Participation Practice.

Six-Sigma vs. Profitability plus Productivity, Ascertain Sigma Stages, Variation, Improve a procedure, Procedure Ability Indices plus Procedure Controlling, The Six-Sigma Road-map – D.M.A.I.C., Select Six-Sigma Project.
Valuing Engineering

Understand Costing, Prices plus Values, Creative plus Evolution of substitute designing, Value-Analysis plus Value-Engineering, Evaluating of substitutes - Criteria matrix, Functional Costing Analysis-Quality Functional Deployment, V.E. Jobs Planning, Functional Analysis System Methods.

Maintaining Management System

Critical Chain Projects Management (C.C.P.M.)
Sources of Interruptions, Source of unplanned events, Direction towards Solutions, Main risks plus Mitigation Activities, constituents of Solutions, Potentials of negatives, Solution, obstacles in implementing - Projects review, Multi centre co-ordination, insight of fine projects Plan.

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