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Course programme

Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (Visual Basic Application macros) when used with Microsoft Excel can create strong machine controlled business devices speedily and with lowest price. Visual Basic for Applications, a programming language for general purpose, which is standard on the Excel and Office, can easily do several business projects as:

* Automate Report Generation
* Automate the creation of graphic
* Create dashboards
* Communication with business database
* Office Data Analysis
* Reconciliation of data
* Design Automation spreadsheet
* Business Model Calculation
* Generate master level wizard speedily
* Generate Excel Ad-ins and many more

Excel with its wide range of automatic functions such as graphs, ActiveX control, spreadsheets, user forms and ranges of cells combine together to create dashboard driven programs. During the time you connect other programs and programming languages to Excel through Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) such as MS-Word, MS-PowerPoint, MS-Access, SQL Server, Lotus Notes, C and VB. Net, Excel VBA can access these settings to get the functionality you do not have.

This VBA / MACRO In EXCEL training concentrates on the use of all these tools for the construction of processing and powerful data analysis software in Microsoft Excel.


The candidates should have Advanced Excel Training from Excelgoodies to join this training program

Topics Covered:
In this VBA training program candidate will learn:

1. Building macros Register
* Record a macro
* Run a macro
* Run a macro in the Macros dialog box
* Building a shortcut key to run a macro
* Running a macro with a hotkey
* Assigning a macro to a menu or toolbar
* Edit with Visual Basic macro

2. Visual Basic Editor
* Use Objects
* Use Methods
* Use Properties
* Apply Programming Tools
* The menu bar

3. Project Explorer
* Use the Project Explorer
* Applying Constants
* Excel Constants
* Constant variable

4. Excel Objects
* Objects, properties and techniques
* Get and Set Properties
* Call Method
* Passing Statements
* Single Object and Collection of object

5. Applying Visual Basic functions
* Learn about InputBox function
* Learn about MsgBox Function
* Use a SET

6. Building control structure form
* If Then Decision Structure
* Logical operator
* Chose Case Decision Structure
* Understand Case Else
* Comparison Operators with Select Case structure
* For Loops
* Do Loops
* Statement of Assets ... Wend

7. Code execution
* Understand about Run mode & Design mode
* Execution of code in the development environment
* Execution of code in the host application

8. The Properties Window
* Change of Ownership
* Understand about Variables
* Shape
* Applying variables in routines
* Understand Variables object

9. User-Forms
* Building and Making Forms
* Learn how to work with control
* Creation Dialog
* User-Form Properties Techniques and Events

10. Event Management
* Editing and debugging Visual Basic for Applications
* Understand Auto Macro
* Learn how to manage errors

The interested candidates can join this training program in three ways: online, classroom, and corporate

PC Requirements:

* Include with Windows Operating System
* Include with Internet Speed of 512 kbps
* Include with Internet Explorer
* Include with Headsets and Mic
* Include with JavaScript Enabled


Price on request