Universidad de Oviedo

Universidad de Oviedo


The University of Oviedo, one of the oldest in Spain, has been one of the first nine Spanish universities to obtain the seal of Campus of International Excellence in Ad Futurum project. From XVII to XXI: Projecting our tradition into the future.
We take a legacy of 400 years of history to promote internationalization, teaching and research excellence and knowledge transfer to the productive.
More than 25000 students fill our classrooms each year, with our main mission, the training of the student, to provide new graduates with the knowledge and skills most valued by the labor market.
With a clear universalist, we have over 200 existing collaboration agreements with universities in forty different countries around the world, especially European and American countries, which we share common historical and cultural roots.

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Founded in 1574 by the prelate Fernando de Valdés Salas, began operations in 1608 with studies in Arts, Canon Law, Law and Theology. The first stage was characterized by the strengthening of the teachings. The eighteenth century was the period of renovations since the late nineteenth century created the University Extension, a pioneer in Spain.
During its four centuries of existence, the University of Oviedo has contributed to cultural enrichment, scientific, technological and economic Asturias and has become one of the most outstanding Spanish universities in teaching and research quality, with a growing international position more relevant. It is the institution where more than 50% of R & D & I of Asturias and where they form the majority of graduates working in the region.

Advantages of studying here

The University of Oviedo is attractive to college students not only for the high quality of our educational offering, but also because we are a university that serves as a center of cultural activity motivator of our environment.

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Training and employment
The Employment Service University offers our students training and personalized guidance about how to find employment commensurate with their education and the labor market situation, so you are aware of offers, scholarships, awards and competitions published.

The University of Oviedo is the main research center of Asturias and ranks high nationally. The University has researchers and research teams are highlighted and reference in its field, this research activity, of extraordinary quality, are properly distributed in the various fields and branches of knowledge, combining the activity of leading groups with a high general level, as reflected in high ratings obtained in the most recent and comprehensive studies.

University Community Service
University Library
European Documentation Centre
Sports Service
Computer and Communications Service
Broadcasting Service
Service Occupational Health and Safety
Publications Service
Scientific and Technical Services
University Hostel and Housing Information Center
Results Transfer Office (TTO)
Medical Professional Education and Sport
Infant School

See how to access our teachings and activities proposed for the orientation and welcome the future and new students, the conditions and facilities for a temporary stay in our university as a student or study abroad and the services they enjoy our students in everyday college life.

Areas of specialisation


Trade, Tourism and Social Sciences "Jovellanos"
Economics and Business
Teacher Training and Education
Medicine and Health Sciences

School of Computer Engineering
Polytechnic School of Engineering of Gijón
Polytechnic School of Mieres
School of Civil Navy
School of Mining Engineering of Oviedo

E.U. Nursing Gijon Cabueñes
E.U. Father Enrique Ossó
E.U. Gijón Industrial Relations
E.U. Gijón Social Work
E.U. Asturias Tourism

Center for Cooperation and Regional Development (CECODET)
Innovation Centre (C1NN)
Artificial Intelligence Center
Research Center on Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology (CINN)
Joint Research Unit for Biodiversity (UMIB)
Institute of Education Sciences
Institute of Natural Resources and Planning (INDUROT)
Feijoo Institute for the Study of the Eighteenth Century
Institute of Biotechnology of Asturias (IUBA)
Institute of Company
Institute of Oncology (IUOPA)
Institute of Organometallic Chemistry "Enrique Moles" (IUQOEM)
Institute of Industrial Technology of Asturias (IUF)
The House of Languages
Constitutional History Seminar Martinez Marina

This activities are proposed to guide and host of future and new students, the conditions and facilities for a temporary stay in our university as a student or study abroad and the services that our students enjoy a daily of university life.