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Ensino Superior

What I would highlight: Great University, we have some students for whom we give Academic Support in our room of Studies in the Road of Light and they tell us about the quality of teaching in the place, some are only looking for summaries and organization of works that are actually well done . CONGRATULATIONS !!!
What could be improved: Good course.
Course taken: May 2018
Would you recommend this centre?: yes

Bachelor's Degree in Games & Apps Development

Carlos Balegas

What I would highlight: Thanks for the receptivity, you guys are really brutal. I hope to continue to enjoy your good mood. Thanks again ..
What could be improved: OK
Course taken: April 2018
Would you recommend this course?: Yes

Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management

Celina Silva

What I would highlight: A great institution! Always with a level of excellence in all plans.
What could be improved: I reccomend it.
Course taken: December 2017
Would you recommend this course?: Yes

Bachelor's Degree in Management

Ines Faria

What I would highlight: As student of the European University I am doing a Erasmus in Rio de Janeiro, i want to thank the Association of Students for the availability and they have given me in solving all the problems that have arisen at the bureaucratic level. Without you it would have been more complicated. Thank you!
What could be improved: Nothing.
Course taken: December 2017
Would you recommend this course?: Yes

Bachelor's Degree in Management

Faruk Okutucu

What I would highlight: My first impression was excellent at the Universidade Europeia because from the first time the student service helped me a lot. I had a person in charge of helping me, who I could ask anything. The classmates made me feel comfortable, like a real Portuguese friend. I would recommend the University and the city because it is unique.
What could be improved: .
Course taken: December 2017
Would you recommend this course?: Yes

Bachelor’s Degree in Design Global


What I would highlight: The university has an excellent academic level!
What could be improved: It was fine.
Course taken: August 2017
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
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The Universidade Europeia is part of the largest global group of Higher Education - Laureate International Universities - and offers access to Student-centred quality education.

It stands out for its ability to innovate and for its differentiated academic model which is founded on the principles of quality, internationalisation and the proximity to business and the labour market.

The preparation of its students aims at making them the Global Professionals of the future, equipping them with all the tools they need to achieve professional success anywhere in the world.

Universidade Europeia grants academic Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral Degrees, and also offers Post-Graduate courses in a host of areas such as Business, Law, Psychology, Human Resources, Marketing, Communication, Sports, Computer Science and Technologies, and it stands out as a leading establishment of higher learning in Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Universidade Europeia - Laureate Portugal