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University18 is India's first mainstream online e-education initiative.

University18 is an e-education initiative by MSL Learning, and works with Indian Colleges and Universities, helping to enable them to deliver Academic and MDP Programs to a audience throughout the Nation and Abroad, using a state of the art virtual classroom platform which allows students to attend classes over the internet, interacting with both professors and fellow students live !

Advantages of studying here

* University18 is India's first truly Online Education Platform - Technology used to bring to you the best in quality , at affordable costs.
* U18 faculty are regular professors from the best Institutions of the nation - IIM Calcutta, MDI Gurgaon, FMS Delhi, IISC. Bangalore
* U18 students are drawn from some of the largest companies in the country - Bharti Airtel, Reliance to name a few. From Vice Presidents and CEO to Freshers, we have a student and alumni group that spans the entire spectrum of capability and opportunities. This allows for spectacular networking opportunities.
* The Degrees are awarded by a UGC and DEC Recognized Government University.

Areas of specialisation

* Executive MBA Programs (1 Year)
* MBA in Entrepreneurship, and Small Business Management & Strategy
* MBA in IT
* MS in IT


University18 Business School

A collaboration between the Sampuran Prakash Foundation and University18, University18 Business School is India’s first truly online B School.

UBS conducts its programs using University18’s online platform, leveraging it to the fullest, delivering online MBA Degree programs to students around the world.
UBS has students from across the Indian Sub-Continent, besides America, the Middle East, United Kingdom, and Africa.

University 18