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Ph.D in Biotechnology

Raghubabu Epuru

About the course: It is really appreciate to Achrya Nagarjuna University but I think that should change their administration process Thanks for this opportunity
Course taken: September 2021
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
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The University of Hyderabad, a premier institution of post graduate teaching and research in the country, was established by an Act of Parliament (Act No. 39 of 1974) on 2nd October, 1974 as a Central University, Wholly financed by the University Grants Commission.


Created by an Act of the Indian Parliament, the University of Hyderabad, has, over three decades, distinguished itself as one of the best in the country as a centre for teaching, research and innovations. With a highly qualified and internationally renowned faculty, motivated students, scholars, and support staff, it has carried out cutting edge research in disciplines such as the sciences, social sciences, humanities, technology, visual arts, communication, management and continuing education.

Right from its inception, the University has pioneered teaching, research and extension activities in the best possible manner, keeping with the mandate given to it by the nation. It has vigorously sought interdisciplinary and interface studies in frontier areas across disciplines. It has hired high quality faculty, and the admission of outstanding students, at the national and international level, while keeping its commitment to the important goal of social justice. Today, it has a thriving undergraduate program of the integrated kind, and its post-graduate studies and research programs rival some of the best in the country. It has broken fresh ground in the Study in India (SIP) program involving international students.

Located in the historic city of Hyderabad, on a sprawling campus, sylvan and idyllic, it is indeed the envy of any Nature lover. The University of Hyderabad combines high academic excellence commensurate with the national goals. Today these goals include public-priv

University of Hyderabad